The Folies-Bergére was a Nazi nightclub located in Paris. Baron Krieger and his men were known to regularly frequent this club.


When the Legends tracked down the Justice Society of America to prevent their future deaths, they tracked their target Baron Krieger to the nightclub. Martin Stein posed as famous singer Max Lorenz so that he and the team could sneak in. They find an undercover Amaya Jiwe, who wasn't happy to see them. Soon after, Martin (as Max) was pressed to sing for them. While singing, Nate Heywood listened in on Krieger and discovered his plan. While leaving, General Gerd von Rundstedt noticed Ray Palmer didn't salute to Hitler. Rather than submit, Ray punched him causing a fight to break out. When the rest of the JSA arrived, Stargirl used her staff to knock out the Nazi patrons.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


  • When Martin got up on stage, he sang "Edelweiss", a song from The Sound of Music about Austrian patriotism and political dissent in the face of a Nazi occupation.


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