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"Following" is the fifth chapter of the comic book series Arrow: Season 2.5, the fifth chapter in the Blood arc, and contains the third chapter in the Suicide Squad: Crisis in Kahndaq arc. It was released digitally on October 27, 2014.


The Arrow heads to St. Walker's Church to confront Brother Blood![1]


At the Starling City Police Department, Laurel Lance questioned Hoshaw Tolibao as to why he had refused a lawyer. Tolibao mentioned that he was righteous, therefore he would need no advocate and would be protected by his god, Brother Blood, much to the shock of Laurel.

Back at the foundry, Laurel discussed what she'd heard with the team. She was confused, as the original Brother Blood, Sebastian Blood, had died. However, Oliver and Felicity agreed that someone had likely taken over the identity, using the same mask.

In Corto Maltese, Malcolm showed Thea around the streets. Though she was particularly happy with how care-free it all was, Malcolm claimed that it got much worse at night; what happened during daylight was simply a facade, as with Starling City. He reasoned that if she truly wanted change, then she herself would have to change.

Oliver's team decided that something would have to be done about Brother Blood. They decided to check St. Walker's Church, by then defunct, where Sebastian Blood had been raised. Oliver suited up and headed over to the church.

At St. Walker's, Abel queried what was wrong with Caleb Green, though he was unsure. To put his mind at ease and to hopefully attract him to their cause, Abel took him to a room, in which they had a Mirakuru soldier chained up. Abel reasoned that they needed soldiers and though Caleb might not have been a true believer, they still needed soldiers.

The Arrow raced through the church, hearing voices. He was approached by a group of people who claimed to be waiting for the holy word of Brother Blood. Back at the base, Felicity began to get annoyed as Oliver refused to respond over comms. Unsure of the situation, Diggle decided to head over. Before he left, he checked to see if Laurel was okay. She commented that an unconscious Roy looked exactly like her comatose father. After the brief chat, she sent Dig on his way. As The Arrow was surrounded by the believers, Brother Blood appeared. Oliver wished to know who the individual was, as Sebastian Blood was dead, but the person simply claimed their religion was hardly the first with the idea of resurrection. Oliver mocked the "religion", considering it to be made up of only lost souls and homeless people, causing the surrounding members to begin surrounding him in anger. Outside, Diggle pointed a gun towards a boy. He claimed to simply be there to worship, as well as distract him. Diggle was swiftly knocked over the head with a baseball bat. The two boys recognised Dig, comparing him to an illustration from Brother Blood. Inside, Oliver was being attacked by the Church members.

Suicide Squad: Crisis in Kahndaq[]

In Kahndaq, a group of women were being held by the extremist sect Onslaught. Kamilah expressed her fear to an older student, Mesi. A man entered the cave, wishing to make a statement, and the men began recording him on a camera. The man claimed to be fond of the old traditions, when men and women knew their roles in society, when the old gods protected them. The man announced himself as Khem-Adam and told his audience that he would lead society back to greatness via the way of the old gods.