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The Forbidden Fruit Cake Shoppe is a cakery business operating in Washington, D.C.


Ava's birthday cake.

As part of her surprise for Ava Sharpe's birthday on November 26, 2018, Sara Lance ordered a cake from the Forbidden Fruit Cake Shoppe and had it delivered to her in the Time Bureau headquarters on that day. When the delivery guy arrived, he and the box of cake he was holding were knocked over by Sara, who was running and attempting to enter Nate's time courier portal before it closed, causing the cake to become slightly damaged. Mona, who tried to chase and call Sara back, received and kept the cake instead for later.[1]

After Nora Darhk accidentally used magic, caused the system of her cell to malfunction, and left Ava and Mona trapped inside as well, Mona eventually surprised Ava with the cake, which they were supposed to have upstairs, and the three eventually ate the cake and celebrated Ava's birthday there.[1]

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  • Nora Darhk likes the cake that Sara Lance ordered for Ava Sharpe's birthday.[1]