For the eponymous prison, see Fort Rozz (prison).
"Kara, we fought some tough escapees on Earth. What's left on that fort are the worst of the worst. You two can't handle this on your own."
"Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe we will need some help."
J'onn J'onzz and Kara Danvers
"Fort Rozz" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the fifty-third episode overall. It aired on January 22, 2018.


As Reign continues to terrorize the city, Supergirl teams up with Saturn Girl, and the two recruit Supergirl's former enemies, Livewire and Psi, to form a team for a mission to Fort Rozz to recover a prisoner who has information on how to defeat Reign once and for all. Meanwhile, Alex babysits Ruby.[src]


  • The episode's title refers to the Kryptonian prison of the same name.
  • In her apartment, Alex is watching the 1940 film The Philadelphia Story before Kara, Samantha, and Ruby arrive.
  • Alex and Kara mention having watched the 1980 film The Shining.
  • Livewire calls Reign a "GLOW reject", referencing the TV series GLOW.
  • When Psi asks Livewire if she has a problem, she replies "ninety-nine, but you ain't one", referencing the Jay-Z song "99 Problems", in which he sings about having "ninety-nine problems, but a bitch ain't one".
  • Livewire referred to Psi as "Regina George", the principal antagonist from the 2004 film Mean Girls.
  • Livewire and Psi both call Imra "Matilda", a reference to the Roald Dahl novel Matilda and its subsequent adaptations, where a young girl displays great intelligence and telekinetic powers.
  • When Imra is hit by Psi's psychic wave, her fears were not shown. It was later revealed in "Of Two Minds" that Imra saw her dead sister, Preya Ardeen.


  • In Maggie's text, she says her new address is 709 Halston St., National City, 44333. However, when Alex is mailing Maggie's passport to her, its destination is written as 13 Flower St., Apt. #6, National City, 91604.
  • Livewire dies after being fatally wounded by Reign's heat vision. However, it's been shown that Livewire can absorb heat vision (unharmed) and use it as an energy source to charge her powers.[1]
    • Given how Reign's powers were created with both genetic engineering and dark magic, this may have made her heat vision more volatile, allowing it to be fatal to Livewire in spite of the latter's energy-absorbing abilities.




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