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For the prison, see Fort Rozz (prison).
"Kara, we fought some tough escapees on Earth. What's left on that fort are the worst of the worst. You two can't handle this on your own."
"Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe we will need some help."
J'onn J'onzz and Kara Danvers

"Fort Rozz" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the fifty-third episode overall. It aired on January 22, 2018.




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"Fort Rozz" begins with Kara and Alex conversing with Sam and Ruby. Sam should leave town on business, and she gets a book that the sitter can't watch Ruby. Rather, Alex — who despite everything is nursing an injured leg — volunteers to watch Ruby.

Kara gets a caution and heads to the DEO. While there, she's advised on new advancements with Reign. They find that a Kryptonian priestess with the same glyph as Reign is imprisoned in Fort Rozz. Kara concludes that she needs to enroll a few partners to get intel on Reign. She approaches Livewire to request her assistance.

Back at the DEO, Winn is show Brainiac 5 around their technology, and the latter taunts it as old hardware. Kara and Livewire stroll in, and they're before long joined by both Imra and Psi on their central goal.

The women proceed with their outing to Fort Rozz, where Kara's powers will be rendered inert.

Sam is conversing with Lena about her away trip. At the point when Lena leaves the room, Sam starts hearing voices.

Alex and Ruby are playing a game and Alex's telephone hums with another instant message. It's from Maggie.

Close to Fort Rozz, Kara and company start to prepare for their mission and remove Psi's power dampening headset.

Sam gets ready as Reign and goes to her Fortress of Sanctuary. While there, she's cautioned that Supergirl has boarded Fort Rozz, and is requested to go there and stop the group before they're ready to get any data on their main goal.

While investigating Fort Rozz, the gathering is before long assaulted by a prisoner. During the battle, Psi utilizes her powers on Imra.

Ruby gets some information about Maggie, who needs Alex to send back her identification. The two talk about Alex's past relationship with Maggie. Ruby asks Alex to help with certain issues she's having at school.

The gathering starts interrogating their aggressor in Fort Rozz when alarms begin going off on their ship. They're dropping out of circle, and straight into a close by star.

Kara and Livewire proceed into Fort Rozz, where they approach the dark mist their prior attacker cautioned them about. There, Supergirl and Livewire are isolated by baffling powers.

Alex acts like a FBI operator and visits the home of one of Ruby's domineering jerks, taking steps to send her to an adolescent detainment community. Alex alarms the harasser into not annoying Ruby once more.

At the DEO, Winn, Braniac, J'onn, and Mon-El are attempting to spare the Legion boat from falling into the star. Winn recalls that the Voyager tests from NASA are in the territory, and can utilize them to move signs to the Legion boat and spare it from falling into the star.

In Fort Rozz, Supergirl at long last finds the individual they've been searching for: Jindah Kal Rozz. Rozz is before long hindered by Reign, who's arrived at prevent Supergirl from getting the data she's been searching for.

Rule takes out Kal Rozz, where we see that the blue star doesn't influence Reign's forces. Rule's going to utilize her laser vision on Kara when Livewire strolls in and diverts the Worldkiller.

Winn and Brainiac 5 can fix correspondences back along with the Legion boat, where they suggest Imra remove the force hosing headset from Psi again so she can endeavor to spare Kara and Livewire from Reign.

Rule goes to utilize laser vision and slaughter Kara, however Livewire hops before the beams. Psi discovers them and starts utilizing her forces on Reign, who sees Ruby in trouble. In the wake of seeing Ruby, it appears that Sam quickly recovers command over her body and the Reign persona before taking off.

Livewire succumbs to her wounds from Reign.

The group returns to the DEO, and Kara requests that Psi receive an improved cell to a limited extent as thanks for her deeds at Fort Rozz.

Ruby discloses to Alex she truly enjoyed spending time with her, and there's a knock on the door; it's Sam. Sam hugs her daughter and tells her to go hold up in the lift while she converses with Alex. Sam reveals to Alex she doesn't remember going on an excursion for work, and admits that she thinks something is wrong with her.

Mon-El approaches Kara, who's agonizing on a balcony. Kara criticizes herself for not having the option to break through to Reign, and thusly, not having the option to save Livewire's life. Mon-El consoles Kara that she changed Livewire's heart, and got her to improve her life, and she did it without any superpowers.

Somewhere else in National City, two women are strolling down the road when an out-of-control vehicle comes speeding not far off. One of the women pushes the other off the beaten path before being crushed between two vehicles. Before long, the woman comes to pushes the car away. Her eyes begin glowing white - much like Reign's red eyes.




  • The episode's title refers to the Kryptonian prison of the same name.
  • In her apartment, Alex is watching the 1940 film The Philadelphia Story before Kara, Samantha, and Ruby arrive.
  • Alex and Kara mention having watched the 1980 film The Shining.
  • Livewire calls Reign a "GLOW reject", referencing the TV series GLOW.
  • When Psi asks Livewire if she has a problem, she replies, "99, but you ain't one", referencing the Jay-Z song "99 Problems", in which he sings about having "99 problems, but a bitch ain't one".
  • Livewire refers to Psi as "Regina George", the principal antagonist from the 2004 film Mean Girls.
  • Querl Dox sarcastically suggests they use "willpower" to bend a signal around the blue star to reach The Legion's cruiser, which could be a reference to the Green Lanterns' source of power.
  • Livewire and Psi both call Imra "Matilda", a reference to the Roald Dahl novel Matilda and its subsequent adaptations, where a young girl displays great intelligence and telekinetic powers.
  • When Imra is hit by Psi's psychic wave, her fears were not shown. It was later revealed in "Of Two Minds" that Imra saw her dead sister, Preya Ardeen.
  • In most Superman mythos, since blue stars emit more energy than both yellow and red stars, Kryptonians exposed to their radiation receive an exponential power increase. Exposed to a blue sun, Kryptonians have all the powers they would under a yellow sun, while also gaining one additional power: Superman vision. In the Arrowverse, this has been altered into an energy overload that leaves them de-powered.


  • Thomas Coville mentioned in "Reign" that his knowledge of the Worldkillers came from a Kryptonian priestess who escaped from Fort Rozz, who is revealed in this episode to be Jindah Kol Rozz. However, J'onn states she never escaped in the years the prison landed on Earth before Kara threw it into space. Thus, it's unknown how Jindah could've come into contact with Coville without being free.
    • Correction: after J'onn mentions the (unnamed) Kryptonian priestess who escaped Fort Rozz & encountered Coville while dying, Winn says they "combed the manifests of Fort Rozz and found there are exactly two priestesses on board", of whom the other is Jindah Kol Rozz.
  • In Maggie's text, she says her new address is 709 Halston St., National City, 44333. However, when Alex is mailing Maggie's passport to her, its destination is written as 13 Flower St., Apt. #6, National City, 91604.
  • Livewire dies after being fatally wounded by Reign's heat vision. However, it's been shown that Livewire can absorb heat vision (unharmed) and use it as an energy source to charge her powers.[1]
    • Given how Reign's powers were created with both genetic engineering and dark magic, this may have made her heat vision more volatile, allowing it to be fatal to Livewire in spite of the latter's energy-absorbing abilities.
  • At the end of the episode when Julia is hit by a car, there is no driver when she pushes it away.