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"Krypton's maximum security prison. Banished to the Phantom Zone, same place your ship got stuck. But just like yours, it didn't stay there. We're not sure how your pod got loose. What we do know is this. You pulled Fort Rozz with you. When it crashed, the alien convicts, the worst criminals in the galaxy, they all escaped. And you brought them here."
Hank Henshaw to Supergirl[src]

Fort Rozz was Krypton's maximum-security prison. It was previously located within the Phantom Zone, but followed Kara Zor-El's pod, making its way to Earth, where it crashed in Nevada. Supergirl later lifted Fort Rozz into space when the prison was used to power Myriad.


Fort Rozz resided in the Phantom Zone. However, after Kara Zor-El's pod unknowingly entered the Zone, the prison followed along as it exited the Phantom Zone. As they reached Earth, Fort Rozz crashed in to a field in Nevada,[1] releasing its prisoners.[2]

Following the crash, the D.E.O. downloaded the database of the crashed prison ship, and used its own stealth technology to conceal it, cutting off the area and masquerading it as a nuclear test zone. It was later revealed to Alex by Non that Fort Rozz became his and Astra's base of operations.[1]

After Myriad was stopped by Kara. It was revealed that the source was coming from Nevada, where Sam Lane explained that months after it crashed they obtained what they could and then used its own stealth technology to hide it. He also said the area was quarantined as a nuclear testing site and declared off-limits.[1]

Following the death of Indigo and the defeat of Non, the only way to prevent Myriad from killing everyone on Earth was to launch Rozz itself into space. At the risk of her own life Kara lifted Fort Rozz into space and pushed it away from Earth.[1]

Supergirl visited Fort Rozz with Livewire, Saturn Girl and Psi to find a Kryptonian priestess named Jindah Kol Rozz, who was responsible for the creation of the Worldkillers, in hopes of finding intel on their enemy Reign. Since the prison found its way to a blue sun, its toxicity killed all male prisoners. A short battle ensued between Supergirl, Reign, and Livewire before Psi forced Reign to retreat, and Livewire sacrificed herself to protect Supergirl.[3]


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  • In the DC comics, Fort Rozz was an ancient Kryptonian military installation.