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*[[Truth, Justice and the American Way]]
*[[Truth, Justice and the American Way]]
*[[Falling ]]

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The Fort Rozz Escapees are the former inmates and escapees of Fort Rozz.


All the inmates were sentenced to jail by Alura Zor-El and because of that, they hated her.[1]

Arrival on Earth

Fort Rozz was located in the Phantom Zone, but when Kara Danvers' pod went to the zone, it brought Fort Rozz to Earth and consequently freed the inmates. Astra, the leader of the escapees soon desired to become Earth's leader and to begin with she wanted to kill Supergirl. Astra sent Vartox to kill Supergirl, but the latter was killed instead by the heroine.[2]

Hunting Supergirl

The Escapees soon focused on killing Supergirl, Astra and Gor confronted the Hellgrammite and forced him to help them again. Hellgrammite captured Alex Danvers, to attract Supergirl. Astra then confronted Supergirl and fought her, almost killing her. Alex then killed the Hellgrammite and the D.E.O. forces arrived. Astra then attempted to kill Hank Henshaw, but was stabbed in the arm by a knife made of Kryptonite.[3]

Attack on Lord Industries

A group of Kryptonians led by Non invaded Lord Technologies along with two alien Fort Rozz Escapees. They are stopped by the D.E.O. but Hank Henshaw with taken hostage.[4]

Hank Henshaw's Interrogation

Non took Hank Henshaw hostage and used a former psychic Fort Rozz escapee to learn the location of Astra. The alien fails to probe Hank's mind due to his own powerful psychic skill. Non killed the mind reading alien on the spot due to his failure.[5]

Master Jailer

The Master Jailer was a guard at Fort Rozz, he masqueraded as Carl Draper, a National City police detective, while hunting down and killing the Fort Rozz Escapees who were disguising themselves as Earthlings. He killed Prisoner #2440, Prisoner #2441, Prisoner #2442, Prisoner #2443 and Prisoner #2444. However Supergirl was able to save Prisoner #2445 and allowed him to return to his human life.[6]


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