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"Science, magic, information... your friend."
—The Hologram describes itself to Samantha Arias[src]

The Fortress of Sanctuary Hologram was an artificial intelligence created by members of the Children of Juru to serve as a repository for their knowledge of both science and dark magic. Engineered from the brainwaves of Selena, the hologram held all Krypton's ancient history regarding Yuda Kal and the Worldkillers.


Samantha Arias went inside the structure and placed the beacon into a Kryptonian computer console panel that caused everything around her to activate. A holographic projection emerged, and told her she had answers for her questions. Sam asked as to where they were, and the projection told her that it was her Fortress of Sanctuary, a piece of her dead homeworld, Krypton.[1]

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  • Knowledge of the Kryptonian history: She had a vast knowledge of the Kryptonian history.[1]
  • Artificial intelligence: She had the ability to make moves and think herself for making commands and thinking as much as a human.[1]



Season 3


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