The Fortress of Solitude is Clark Kent's sanctuary in the Arctic,[1] which holds information about his dead planet Krypton and allows him to communicate with the A.I.'s of his late ancestors.[2]

Kara Danvers began using the Fortress as well after becoming Supergirl.[3]


The Fortress of Solitude is a vast sanctuary hidden somewhere in the Arctic. It appears to be built entirely from either crystal or ice. [1]

Inside, the compound houses a display of items Superman collected over the years from his adventures, as well as statues of his parents. Also present is some form of interactive computer database.[2][1]


At some point in the history of Earth-Prime, three rings that could absorb and emit Kryptonite radiation[4] were stored in Fortress. The Jarhanpurian named Rama Khan claims that they were his and were stolen from him long ago.[5]

Clark asked Lois to marry him in the Fortress.[6]

Some time after 2007, Clark checked to see if Jonathan had superhuman abilities after showing some natural talent for sports. The Fortress's tests said it was unlikely however.[6]

In January 2020, Kara Danvers kept a bottled Earth in the Fortress until she and her allies would find a way to restore the universe in the new multiverse.[3]

Angry that Kara planned to use Myriad after saying that it was forbidden, Lena Luthor was teleported to the Fortress. Unbeknownst to her, a Morae who worked for Leviathan traveled with her. As Kara and Lena argued about hypocrisy, the Morae agent opened the cage to a baby Sun-Eater.

Inside the Fortress.

Later, Lex Luthor noticed that he had access to the Fortress through the teleporter;[1] while he was there, he stole something for Leviathan to be used against Supergirl.[5] It was Rama Khan's rings.[4]

Clark had brought Jordan to the Fortress after he manifested some abilities and wished to test for more information. However the A.I of Jor-El concluded that Jordan's powers were a result of brief flare ups and that his human DNA would limit him.[7]

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