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The Fountain of Imperium is an ancient and powerful alien being that acts as a wellspring of magic, as well as a defense system that protects Earth from alien invasions.


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The Fountain dried up.

The Fountain of Imperium was brought to Earth at some point in the distant past by aliens, and gifted to humans.[1] In 1925, a young Esperanza Cruz came across the Fountain and it saved her from the evil men who attacked her house and killed her mother. She became linked with the Fountain, gaining the ability to sense and understand aliens and was sent to the future.[2]

In 1939, it was located in a cave just outside of Albacete, Spain. After planes began to bomb the area, Fernando sought refuge in the cave, whereupon a purported angel told him to drink from the Fountain, giving him the ability to repeatedly heal his uncle's wounds. Shortly thereafter, Fernando brought John Constantine and a now-adult Esperanza Cruz back to the cave, attempting to transfer his powers to John, but due to the Fountain's prophecy that only those who are worthy may drink from it, the powers disappeared.[1]


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