Foyinsola is a villager residing in the M'Changa Province of Zambesi.


When Sara Lance came to Zambesi to ask for Amaya Jiwe's assistance in capturing an anachronistic saber-toothed tiger, Foyinsola interrupted their reunion to show Amaya a helmet that she had found in an acacia tree. Though she did not share this information with Foyinsola or Sara, Amaya recognized it as having belonged to a member of a group of Belgian soldiers that had previously threatened their village, whom she had slaughtered using her powers. Amaya took the helmet from Foyinsola, and teased that she would summon the ashe of a cobra to scare her if she did not go to bed. Foyinsola laughed with Amaya before leaving.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3


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