"J'ai oublié. Vous ne aimez pas les émotions. Ils sont salissants."
—Hartley Rathaway speaking in French[src]

France is a country in Europe. In 1944 it was one of the theatres of war during World War II, in which the commune of Saint-Lô became a site of a battle between the United States Army and Nazi forces.[1]


In 1944, during World War II, the French commune of Saint-Lô became a battlefield between the Nazis and the United States. Sergeant Rock served as a combatant in the United States Army at that time, serving in the fight against the Nazis. During the height of the battle, the time-traveling Vandal Savage has arrived to reclaim a meteor from Thanagar, a source of great power which he wanted to use to destroy the world. On the battlefield Rock stumbled upon Kendra Saunders, who had recently escaped from Savage, and wondered aloud whether she was running away from the Nazis, or from whom else, if not them. Rock gave Kendra a pen and paper to write with, before allowing her to stuff the note in his helmet. He was then promptly stabbed with a knife thrown by Vandal Savage, who had been attempting to locate Kendra. His helmet eventually entered the possession of Rip Hunter aboard the Waverider.[1]

A military caravan, led by a Nazi officer, took hold of the Thanagarian meteor and was transporting it near Saint-Lô when the group was intercepted by Vandal Savage. Speaking to the officer in German, Vandal Savage demanded for the meteor to be handed over to him. The officer did not take the immortal's demands seriously, ordering him to move, only to be attacked by Vandal. The struggle was soon joined by the members of Rip Hunter's team, who, fighting both the Nazis and Vandal Savage, tried to make sure that the meteor would not end in Savage's hands, while his prisoners, Kendra Saunders and Scythian Torvil, would escape. The battle ended with all the Nazis present dead or otherwise knocked out.[1]



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  • France is a nation in Western Europe. During World War II, it was invaded by Nazi Germany, and in 1944 became a battlefield between German and Allied forces after the Invasion of Normandy, during which Saint-Lô was one of the sites of battle.


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