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"I'm sorry for taking that little girl I used to take to ballet class. Go on ski trips with. The one I used to help with math homework. Oh, she hated math. Sorry that I caused her so much hurt. 'Cause she brought me so much joy."
—Frank Bertinelli to his daughter, Helena Bertinelli[src]

Frank Bertinelli (died April 2014) was a former crime boss, head of the Bertinelli crime family, and CEO of Bertinelli Construction. He was also the father of Helena Bertinelli. His name is on "The List". Helena was set on destroying Frank's criminal empire after he had her fiancé killed, which she was at least partially successful at. During a hostage situation at the Starling City Courthouse, Frank was killed in the crossfire between Team Arrow and Captain Stein. His position in the family business was filled by Pino Bertinelli for the next three years until his death.


Frank had Helena's fiancé, Michael Staton, murdered because he thought he was going to present evidence that would take away his power. It was revealed that Helena was the one who collected and intended on presenting the evidence to the F.B.I.[1]

He was arrested and to be sent to jail, later prison.

He cut a deal with the F.B.I. and ended up in a Witness Protection Program, to testify against the East Coast family. His own daughter tried to kill him a second time, believing that he did not deserve a second chance. Thanks to the intervention of The Hood, he managed to escape from his daughter and was not seen again for some time.

Frank was captured by the Arrow and arrested by the police. He was brought to trial for his crimes, but this turned out to be a ruse to lure out his daughter Helena, so the police could apprehend her.

He was kidnapped by Team Arrow so they could exchange him for Laurel, whom Helena had taken hostage. When Team Arrow met Helena to carry out the exchange, he apologized to his daughter for what he had done to her. He was killed in the crossfire when a S.W.A.T. team attacked the group, trying to take out the vigilantes.[2]


Frank was arrogant to the point where he threatened a dangerous gang like the Chinese Triad, he was ready to go to war with the Chinese Triad, but they struck sooner than he had expected. He had to run for his life, showing that he was a coward and was only brave when he had the advantage.[3]

Frank was proving to be a hypocrite and a psychopath, claiming that family meant everything to him, however, when he found out that it was actually his daughter who was attacking his businesses and not the Chinese Triad, he tried to kill her with her own crossbow. When given the chance later, after being captured, Frank organized a deal with Adam Donner to lure Helena to Starling City to be captured instead of killed.

In his final moments, Frank revealed how sorry he was to Helena, not because she was about to kill him, but because of the pain that he had caused her over the years as she had brought so much joy to his own life.[2]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, the character is named Franco Bertinelli and fulfills a similar role as he does in the Arrowverse.