Frank Dejoy (died 1990) was a lawyer that participated in the sentence to death of Jefferson Zacharias. He was killed ten years later by Jefferson's daughter Angel Zacharias.


Early life

At some point in 1980, when the Warriors of Freedom were arrested by Garfield, he was the Lawyer on the case, and he participated in the death sentence of its leader Jefferson Zacharias. At some point, he has befriended Barry Allen.


In 1990, retired from being a lawyer, at a restaurant, he told a reported that he is planning to run Senate. His assistant Jeff, told DeJoy that he was late for an interview, and he received a package. After Jeff and the reporter left, DeJoy opened the package and finds a piece of a broken medallion. Dejoy than noticed Barry Allen and goes to greed him and meet Tina McGee at the same time. After a talk, Dejoy got shoot in the back by a crossbow by someone and when he turned around to see the shooter, he received another arrow killing him.[1]


The Flash


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