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"Friend to friend, you've come so far. You're a captain. Don't throw all your hard work away on something personal."
—Frank Pike to Quentin Lance[src]

Captain Franklin "Frank" Pike (died January 25, 2018) was the police captain, formerly a lieutenant of the Star City Police Department. He was one of Quentin Lance and the late Lucas Hilton's superior officers, before the former was promoted to captain. He was a supporter of the Arrow but, as part of his job, still works to hunt him down and is bound to arrest anyone in league with him. This issue would later be resolved with the now police captain Quentin disbanding the Anti-Vigilante Task Force, whose main focus is capturing the Arrow. Frank was killed in an elevator during a cyber attack on the city instigated by Cayden James.


Frank assigns detective Quentin a new assignment, which the two get into an argument about. Detective Quentin does not want to give up his old assignment and insists that he is close to capturing him. Lt. Frank notes that the demand for capturing The Hood is beginning to wane.

After Quentin tells Frank he got word that Malcolm Merlyn is planning to level the Glades, Frank hesitant to believe, asks Quentin who his source is. When he discovers Quentin has been helping out with some cases with the vigilante, Frank temporarily suspends Quentin, with his other option being incarceration as Quentin swore that he would bring him in.  

Sometime after the earthquake, Frank would demote Quentin. 

Frank releases Slade Wilson when he is arrested due to lack of evidence before angrily confronting Quentin about assisting the vigilante once again. Later, Slade is revealed to be the true kidnapper, but Frank has Quentin arrested for working with the Arrow.

Frank reinstated Quentin to detective to lead the charge against Slade's army and agreed to ask the Arrow for help. He later beckons Quentin into watching a live broadcast showing armed military positioning themselves around Starling City's entrance and exit zones, and showing no signs of moving further into the city. Frank further adds that the nearest military outpost is located at a considerable distance away from Starling, and there's no way they could have arrived so soon under such short notice.

While turning over Thea Queen's apartment on a search orchestrated by Quentin in his hunt to bring down Oliver Queen, Frank paid Quentin a visit and questioned his motives for trying to prove the Arrow's true identity that had no evidence to back his claim, and told Quentin to stop the hunt because of it being a personal vendetta.[1]

The following year, after Quentin Lance confessed to working with Damien Darhk, Frank came to suspend him, taking his gun and badge.[2]

After the events of Genesis Day, Frank is promoted to captain.

After Team Arrow, with the help of Helix, discovered that Adrian Chase's name was fake, Oliver visited Frank at the SCPD and gave him evidence of Adrian Chase's true identity. Pike then went outside the SCPD, but after exiting it he was assaulted by an unknown individual, who stabbed him. Frank survived but entered a comatose state after being brought to a hospital.

Six months later, Frank attended police academy's graduation ceremony. He used a cane to help him walk, implying that Prometheus' attack on left him unable to walk properly.[3]

He is revealed to have been killed in Cayden James' attack, when the elevator he was in electrocuted its passengers.[4]


Sometime after his death, a woman named Kimberly Hill succeeded Frank as the captain of the Star City Police Department; she was later revealed to be corrupt, unlike her predecessor.[5] After Kimberly was revealed to be working for Ricardo Diaz, she was fired [6] and Dinah Drake succeeded her sometime after.[7]

Frank's death was avenged when Diaz killed James.[8]


"He saved the Christmas hostages. He took down an arsonist and armored car thieves, and just last week, he busted the Vertigo drug ring when we couldn't. What was urban legend's becoming heroic."
—Frank Pike to Quentin Lance[src]

Compared to Quentin Lance, Frank had a more fluctuating opinion towards the Arrow. Like Quentin, he believed that the Arrow must be put down; but at the same time, Frank had a deeper appreciation towards the Arrow's activities. He actually notes that neutralizing Star City's green hooded vigilante archer, could very well return the city to its former crime-infested state.


  • High-level intellect/Expert detective/Leadership: As the captain and a former lieutenant of the Star City Police Department, Frank has proven herself a highly skilled detective and leader.
  • Marksmanship: As a member of the Star City Police Department, Frank was highly skilled in the use of firearms.



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