Franklin is a Dryad reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media.


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Franklin complained about co-workers putting wood chips in his coffee, to which Mackenzie snickered and claimed it to be a dumb prank. James appeared, telling her off, and the reporter apologized. James told his staff that they did not tolerate hate within their walls.[1]

Franklin was assigned to cover an anti-alien rally by Ben Lockwood for CatCo. Before he left, he talked to his mother on the phone, assuring her it would be fine. James reassured him that he was a hero for the work he was doing, before offering to assist him. When the rally turned violent following the arrival of Manchester Black, Franklin was saved from a Child of Liberty by Dreamer.[2]

After the enactment of martial law, the building across from Franklin's was raided, leading Franklin to sleep at CatCo out of fear. He called his sister Edna and cautioned her against changing alien employee files at her job at AmerTek. Kara Danvers overheard, asking that Franklin's sister contact her for an article. Later, Franklin helped broadcast an interview between Kara and Dreamer. Following it, they were ambushed by Ben Lockwood and the Children of Liberty and a fight ensued. Franklin survived unharmed, meeting up with his sister at CatCo the following day.[3]



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