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"I mean, I'm already a blind, time-traveling paragon who can see the future, so might as well add wannabe god to the list."
Sara Lance

"Freaks and Greeks" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-ninth episode overall. It aired on May 12, 2020.




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The Legends have surrounded themselves with as many books as Gary Green can bring; they need to find a way to be Fates so they can use the Loom of Fate. In the research, they come across a passage on the Chalice of Dionysus, which grants temporary immortality to its user; Nate Heywood realizes that he tried to steal it from a frat party at Hudson University during his college years. The Legends go to get the artifact.

Meanwhile, Lita is still enjoying her father-daughter weekend with Mick Rory; Mick wants his daughter to go to any college she desires, regardless of price. While on tour, they meet other high school students and their parents and both father and daughter begin to feel out of place and different. A legacy brags about how his father has a hall named after him; Rory storms away, leaving Lita with Nate.

The Legends met Dionysus, who has the appearance of a college student who loves to party. Clotho reveals that she already knows him; Nate does too, since he was a student there during Nate's college years. Clotho asks Dion for the Chalice and he tells her that it only works on Greeks, so they must become "Greek", pledge a fraternity or sorority, for him to relinquish it. Astra Logue tries to take the artifact by force, so Dion becomes suspicious. The Legends decide to follow Dion's rules.

Rory goes back in time, donates money to the university, and gets a hall named after him.

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Astra and Clotho try to join a sorority but they cause an uproar with their conflicting personalities which causes not only them but three other young ladies to be banned from joining. The women choose to make their own sorority, Delta Chi Sigma, in order to play by the rules, but cheat simultaneously. They learn later that Dion casted a spell on Nate and had him confess as to the true goal of Clotho wanting the cup; this goal causes Dion to speculate that Clotho with the Loom will cause free will to end and the party to be over. Dion tells the Deltas that they are disqualified from holding the Chalice.

Astra is enraged because she feels that brute force could have worked instead of compromise. Clotho reveals to her that, when she originally joined the Legends, she felt the same way, but their influence has softened her. However, she will stop trying to change Astra, but will compromise and work with her. The two make a plan that gets Dion to bring the chalice to their party.

Lita reveals to her father that she loves him for who he is and she is her father's daughter; she doesn't want to go to that school.

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Sara Lance challenges Dion to beer pong where the winner gets to use the Chalice. Dion brags that he is undefeated, not knowing that Sara is a precognitive; Sara wins quickly. Dion also learns that Clotho is still as rebellious as he remembers and has no desire to eliminate free will.

All the Legends, except Zari Tarazi (who, being Muslim, is religiously prohibited from drinking alcohol), drink from the Chalice of Dionysus and begin to glow as they now have immortality for 24 hours. The three college girls promise to continue the motto of Delta Chi Sigma throughout campus. As they were leaving, Lachesis approaches Astra in secret and tells her that she owes the Fate for what she did to Constantine a while ago and now, she is calling in her marker.


  • The episode's title is a reference to the TV series Freaks and Geeks.
  • In a spoof of National Lampoon's Animal House, the flashback with Nate climbing up a ladder to the Greek house and falling backwards parallels a scene in the movie when Bluto does the same thing.
    • Nick Zano was coincidentally born the same year that the film came out.
  • Beebo appeared as a GIF on Zari's phone in an text message in which it shows him taunting during the final battle with Mallus from the episode "The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly".
  • The Deltas' video introduction has similar lines to opening narrations from past seasons.
  • Constantine's bulldog-headed cane shows up again (and it's confirmed that it really does talk to people).
  • Dionysus was right; when the Fates got possession of the Loom, they eliminated free will.
  • According to Clotho, Santa Claus does not exist.
  • "Hustle A Lot" by Beatnet plays when the Legends sabotage Dion's party to get people to attend theirs.
  • The act of sneezing and breaking wind simultaneously, for which one of the pledges was publicly ostracized for, is referred to as a "snart"; despite this act, it has nothing to do with Leonard "Captain Cold" Snart.