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"I mean, I'm already a blind, time-traveling paragon who can see the future, so might as well add wannabe god to the list."
Sara Lance

"Freaks and Greeks" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the seventy-ninth episode overall. It aired on May 12, 2020.




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Chalice of Dionysus in a book

Chalice of Dionysus

On the Waverider, the Legends are searching for a way to handle the Loom of Fate safely. Charlie tells them that the Loom of Fate requires 3 people who have the powers of Gods and Astra insists on being one of them, as she refuse to leave her mother's resurrection to the Legends. Sara also offers to be the last weaver, noting that her role as the Paragon of Destiny who is now blind and can see the future is already ridiculous. Gary arrives with more books and sunglasses for Sara. Ava suggests using the Philosopher's Stone but Charlie dismisses it as a hoax before Constantine discovers that the Chalice of Dionysus can grant Godhood for a day. Charlie says the object was lost to time, but Nate remembers seeing it being used in a Fraternity in Hudson university. Sara questions that the chalice would be with a group of frat boys, but Gideon uses social media to confirm it is in the possession of the Sigma Psi Phi fraternity at Hudson University.

Ava tells Sara that the chalice is referred to as a "Chug Cup" and every student fair people will compete for the right to drink from it. As Sara is still blind, she tells Ava that she will be in charge of this mission but she is worried in how she would be perceived by college kids. Lita arrives with Mick and she reveals that her guidance counselor recommended she apply there but she cannot afford it. Mick tells her she should apply if she wants to as he can pay for it and she agrees to take a tour. The Legends arrive at the student fair looking for the Sigmas since they are hosting the games and will have the chalice. Charlie tells an uncooperative Astra that weaving the Loom of Fate requires synchronization between the weavers and she won't let Astra be one of the three until she proves she can be part of a team. Astra tells Charlie she left hell because she was "done working for a Fate" and storms away. The Sigma Psi Phi fraternity arrives with the chalice and Nate recognizes their leader Dion, noting that he appears to have never aged a day. Charlie realizes that Dion is Dionysus himself, the God of Wine and Revelry and an old friend of hers. Charlie meets Dionysus who is ecstatic to reunite with her. She begins to ask for a favor when Astra becomes impatient and reaches for the chalice but is unable to lift it. Dionysus then realizes what Charlie wants and tells them they need to join one of the fraternities, sororities or even a frorority and win the chug challenge to their dismay. Left with no choice, Charlie suggests the female Legends join a sorority and win the Chug Cup.

On the Waverider, Gary reveals that the Theta Lamba Ro sorority is hosting a pledge social that day. Astra believes this is a waste of time when Charlie tells her that Astra brought them into this situation by reaching for the chalice just as Charlie was about to convince Dion to help them. Mick and Lita are on the Hudson University tour, but Mick is afraid that Lita may feel inferior compared to an alumni family on the tour due to their prestigious heritage. Nate arrives to check on them and introduces them as a history professor and Mick tells them Nate is Lita's father before leaving the tour. At the pledge social, Charlie and Astra arrive but Astra still has misgivings. Charlie tells Astra to try to fit in and she sarcastically does an impersonation of the Sorority members, attracting their leader's attention. Charlie tries to introduce herself but Astra mocks her and says she believes she thinks she is better than the sisters she ran from, when she herself is no better. Charlie coldly says it is ironic to hear that from Astra, and calls her Lachesis's lapdog. The two begin to fight and their struggle breaks one of the Theta Lamba Ro's prized possessions, disqualifying their entire table.


Dion learns of the Legends plan

The two of them return to the Waverider and blame each other for their failure to enter the sorority. Zari suggests the Legends start their own sorority instead to win the Chug Cup. Meanwhile Nate shows Lita the fraternities and sororities of Hudson University and assures Mick is fine, noting he comes and goes as he pleases. Dion sees Nate and invites him to party with them, but Nate insists on showing Lita around. However Lita suggests that Nate join them while she discreetly scouts where the chalice is kept. Nate agrees but jokingly tells her to make sure Mick does not set him on fire in his sleep for letting her do this. As there is only one sorority house that smells rancid left, they decide to open a portal in its front door which leads to Constantine's house. As they require 3 more to form a full sorority, they recruit the other girls who were disqualified along with Charlie and Astra and form the Delta Chi Sigma sorority. Meanwhile Nate manages to impress Deon's fraternity as Lita finds the chalice. Deon tells Nate he knew he had potential and gives him a drink from his special brew. The brew has magical properties which places Nate under Deon's spell. Nate admits to Deon that the Legends want his chalice so that they can use the Loom of Fate which concerns Deon, who is worried that the Loom of Fate will bring an end to all of free will.

The Delta Chi Sigma sorority make a video to enter into the Chug Challenge and the Legends note they are closer to using the Loom of Fate. One of the pledges, Silvia, thanks Astra for recruiting her as she usually pushes people away. Astra tells Charlie that this is still a ridiculous plan, but it appears to be working. Deon arrives with his crew, including Nate who is acting strangely. Charlie explains that Dionysus has the power to put people in a constant state of ecstasy and deduces that Nate is under his spell. Dion tells them that he is disqualifying them from the Chug Challenge as Nate has told him why they want his chalice, and he refuses to let them use the Loom of Fate. Astra is enraged that Dion changed the rules and he laughs that he is a God and doesn't need to play fair. After he leaves, Astra says she will get the chalice on her own but the Legends point out that even if she can steal the chalice from Dion, she won't be able to use the Loom on her own. Sara tells them they will figure this out as sisters, but Astra says their sisterhood is only on the condition that Astra becomes more like them. She points out that they never listen to her ideas and that she knows how they see her, declaring that she is done trying to fit in with them and leaves. Mick asks Lita to meet him at a building on the campus, which to her surprise says "Rory Hall". Mick reveals that he went back in time to become a donor, securing Lita's position in Hudson University. Lita thanks him but says she didn't need him to own a building, but to accompany her for the tour. Mick says he didn't want her to be ashamed of him and left so he wouldn't ruin her chances, but she tells him she was ashamed of herself for not fitting in. Mick tells her she is twice the person those people will ever be, and she says he is as well, pointing out that he is a man who fought a demon dog for her. Lita suggests they instead find a way to mess with some rich kids which Mick agrees to. Meanwhile, Astra prepares to firebomb the Sigma Psi Phi fraternity but is stopped by Charlie who tells her that she knows better than that. Astra says she had to fight to survive in hell, violence is all she knows and she is not going to change. Charlie tells her that she likewise was a punk who broke any rule she wanted. She says she is still the same, but she no longer needs to hurt anyone to survive because she now has the Legends to help her. She assures Astra that the Legends will always have a place for her, even if she doesn't want to change to fit in. Nate approachs them and is still under Dion's spell, but he manages to tell them that Dion's power to grant people the cup comes from his followers. Charlie realizes the Olympians feed off devotion, and if they remove his followers they can steal his chalice. They deduce that the only way to do so is throw a bigger party than Dionysus so that he will lose his followers.

Delta Chi Sigma

No one arrives at the Delta Chi Sigma party

Dion and Sara shake hands before beer pong

Sara challenges Dion to Beer Pong

The Delta Chi Sigma sorority throw their own party but no one is in attendance as everyone is at Dion's party. Charlie suggests they stop playing by conventional means, and instead listen to Astra who says it is not enough to have a good party, they need to sabotage Dion's party. Charlie is sent to impersonate Nate to distract Dion. Zari hacks the party playlist, and instead plays yodeling music, causing some party members to leave. Charlie and Mick then ruin Dion's brew while locking him inside the alcohol shed. Finally, Astra and Charlie invite everyone at Dion's party to go to Delta Chi Sigma instead. However even after seemingly taking all of his followers, Mick is still unable to lift Dionysus Chalice. Dion then appears with his inner circle and reveals that as long as he has them, his power still remains. Sara challenges Dion to beer pong, as if Dion loses he will lose his followers. Dion accepts but on the condition that Delta Chi Sigma will shut down if he wins. Sara however tells Ava that she can use her foresight to win. Sara manages to win and Dion loses his followers, including Nate. Mick appears and shows that he managed to retrieve the cup as Lita tells him this was the best Father Daughter weekend ever.

Glowing Legends

The Legends become immortal for a day

The Legends apologize to their pledges that they need to close down Delta Chi Sigma, but the pledges reveal they intend to keep the sorority going, and have applied for a house on Greek row. Dion admits defeat and allows them to drink from his chalice which would grant them immortality for a day. Sara suggests they all drink from it, pointing out that there is no rule that only 3 people can weave the Loom of Fate. The Legends agree and they all drink from it, with the exception of Zari for religious reasons. The Legends begin to have an ethereal glow about them, as Dion tells Charlie he trusts that she will do the right thing with the Loom of Fate and leaves. Silva enters and tells them the Bulldog cane was yelling at her, but the Legends convince her that she just has too much to drink and Astra sees her out. Lachesis appears to Astra alone, and while Astra insists she is with the Legends now, Lachesis says she is calling in her favor.


  • The episode's title is a reference to the TV series Freaks and Geeks.
  • In a spoof of National Lampoon's Animal House, the flashback with Nate climbing up a ladder to the Greek house and falling backwards parallels a scene in the movie when Bluto does the same thing.
    • Nick Zano was coincidentally born the same year that the film came out.
  • Beebo appeared as a GIF on Zari's phone in an text message in which it shows him taunting during the final battle with Mallus from the episode "The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly".
  • The Deltas' video introduction has similar lines to opening narrations from past seasons.
  • Constantine's bulldog-headed cane shows up again (and it's confirmed that it really does talk to people).
  • Dionysus was right; when the Fates got possession of the Loom, they eliminated free will.
  • According to Clotho/Charlie, Santa Claus does not exist.
  • Charlie claims that the Philosopher's stone is a myth. The stone is actually a macguffin in Season 3 of The Flash
  • "Hustle A Lot" by Beatnet plays when the Legends sabotage Dion's party to get people to attend theirs.
  • The act of sneezing and breaking wind simultaneously, for which one of the pledges was publicly ostracized for, is referred to as a "snart"; despite this act, it has nothing to do with Leonard "Captain Cold" Snart.
  • "Delta Chi Sigma" (DCS) is a reference to the fact that the show is properly named "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" and not just "Legends of Tomorrow".