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Fred Chyre is a corrupt former police detective of the Central City Police Department. After Central City was taken over by Eddie Thawne/Johnny Quick, he became a member of the Quickling.


Early life

In 2014, Fred Chyre was a corrupt cop at the Central City Police Department. When Eddie Thawne/Johnny Quick revealed himself to Central City after wiping out 10% of the population, Chyre became one of the first individuals to join his side as a member of the Quickling.[1]


In 2016, Barry Allen, a speedster from Earth-1, helped the Rogues to capture Chyre for information on Johnny Quick. During the interrogation, Barry managed to make Chyre talk, but he only revealed that Johnny Quick "was always pretty good at math". This would later help Barry discover that the villainous speedster was using a formula to get faster. Afterwards, Chyre was presumably incarcerated.[1]

It's unknown if Fred was among the many citizens of Central City who became a meta-human with the speed formula and survived the destruction of its universe.