Freddy Meyers (born 1971/72) is an alumnus of Central City High School, the son of Kathy Meyers, and the husband of Tiffany Harper. In the original timeline, he was an inmate of Iron Heights Penitentiary, because he took the fall for serial killings committed by his mother.


Original timeline

Freddy in the original timeline.

In 1989, Freddy was invited to prom by Tiffany Harper, unbeknownst to him in order to prank him. He was ultimately humiliated by a jock named Brad, with trash dumped over his head. With his invitation to the prom, Freddy's mother believed him to be popular, and thus he was being "taken away" from her. Due to this, she killed all of his classmates except Tiffany, with Freddy taking the fall for it.[1]

Freddy was sentenced to prison in Iron Heights Penitentiary, and on June 4, 2004, he was executed by the electric chair. Kathy died of a heart attack afterwards, before being given a second chance by Astra Logue.

Current timeline

Ray and Nate talk with Freddy Meyers.

In 1989, Freddy was invited to prom by Tiffany Harper, unbeknownst to him in order to prank and humiliate him. Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood attempted to prevent him from going to prom to prevent an untimely future while posing as new teachers, but they failed. Freddy was met by Nora Darhk, who revealed herself to be his Fairy Godmother, dressing him up in a new suit. Arriving at prom, he danced with Tiffany, who had a change of heart, and would eventually fall in love with him.

Freddy performing in his high school prom of 1989.

Brad was angered by this, revealing the entire plan to Freddy, who ran off in anger. Nora talked to Freddy, suggesting he show his true self to his peers and so he gave a dance performance in front of his classmates as Nora prevented Brad's prank by transforming the trash into harmless items. Everyone in the auditorium was charmed by it and joined in. Because of this, he gained some popularity. They eventually all left the prom and ended up in the same limo as Zari Tarazi. Before their limo could leave, they were attacked by Freddy's mother in a mask. Kathy managed to wound one of the girls before being knocked down by Behrad Tarazi's wind attack. As Kathy was subsequently arrested by the approaching police, Freddy noted to Nate that his mother needs help.

In 2004, Freddy and Tiffany attended their reunion showing they were now married, where Freddy thanked Nora for giving him a nice life.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 5


  • According to Freddy's body bag, he was 5'10 and weighed 160lbs at the time of his death in the original timeline.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • Freddy Meyers's name is an amalgamation of iconic horror villains Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers.
    • Meyers being subjected to public humiliation during prom night is a reference to Carrie, while his toxic relationship with his murderous mother refers to that between Jason and Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th.
      • His mother's use of a "creepy mask" is also a reference to Jason Voorhees & Michael Myers. His mother Kathy Meyers is like Norma Bates in Psycho.


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