The Freedom Fighters are a resistance team operating on Earth-X to oppose the Nazis. They are led by Winn Schott.


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Fighting New Reich with Earth-1 heroes

The Freedom Fighters were formed to reclaim the country and defeat the New Reich. During the heroes of Earth-1 were taken by the New Reich along with their member Ray Terrill, they sent Leo Snart to rescue them and they returned to their base of operations. They later executed a plan to return to Earth-1 with Ray and Leo. However, Winn Schott was passionate to destroy the New Reich's base of operations and he sent Red Tornado to destroy the base. The Flash and The Ray thought they needed more time and destroyed Red Tornado. They later returned to Earth-1.

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the Freedom Fighters were fighting the remaining members of the New Reich. When the antimatter wall was about to destroy Earth-X, Harbinger arrived and took The Ray away to the Waverider at the last moment.
Freedom Fighters during Crisis

Freedom Fighters during Crisis

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