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Freeland was a city in the state of Georgia in the United States.[1] It was destroyed by an antimatter wave that wiped out the entire universe during the Anti-Monitor Crisis, but a similar version was later restored on Earth-Prime after it was born from the ashes of several dead Earths including Earth-TUD5.



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The 100 began operating as a gang throughout Freeland, causing a large number of deaths. For some years, the vigilante known as Black Lightning operated in the city, though he retired at some point in 2008. However, he picked the mantle back up in 2018.[2]

Hoping to protest against The 100, Reverend Jeremiah Holt led a march of one-hundred people through the streets of Freeland. However, they were stopped when multiple gunmen tried to hurt them, one succeeding.[3]

The drug Green Light began hitting the town, primarily through one of its largest dealers, Two-Bits.[4] Its ultimate source, however, was Joey Toledo.[5]


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