The Freeland Police Department is the police department of Freeland.


After Anissa Pierce took part in a non-peaceful protest, she was arrested by the police. Jefferson Pierce picked her up from the police station.[1] After Lala was arrested for killing Lawanda White, Tobias Whale was welcomed into the station by Deputy Chief Cayman, before killing Lala so that he couldn't rat Whale out.[2] Having received a tip on Black Lightning, all of the precinct rallied together to ambush him.[3] Lynn Stewart was questioned after her lab was broken into and she was tied up, and a sketch artist drew her attackers.[4] Being set up, Jefferson Pierce was brought in and held in a cell. Before he could be transferred out, he was exonerated.[5]

Known members

Current members

Officer D. Martin

Former members

  • Deputy Chief Cayman (incarcerated)
  • Detective Glennon (incarcerated)


Black Lightning

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


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