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"Brother, this continent is vast. Who knows how far West it goes, and what riches it has to plunder. It is our destiny to conquer all of New Valhalla."
—Freydís to Leif Eriksson[src]

Freydís was a Viking shieldmaiden from Greenland. In 1000 AD she, along with her brother Leif Eriksson, led an expedition in which they discovered the land of Vinland, which Freydis sought to conquer as the Vikings' New Valhalla. Swayed by the "divine messages" of Beebo, a toy that ended up in Vinland due to an anachronism, Leif and Freydís became a cause for an aberration that was prevented by the Legends.


Discovery of Vinland

In 1000 AD, Leif led an expedition of Vikings together with his sister Freydís. They discovered the continent of Vinland, which would become known as North America in the future. The Vikings created a settlement and tried to expand further into the bountiful land, but were opposed by the locals, known to the Vikings as Skraelings. Leif listened to the wisdom of Christian monks and sought to leave Vinland and return home, as the endless war would mean that their people would never know peace.[1]

Aberration timeline

In an aberration timeline caused by an anachronism, a Beebo toy, the Vikings would be swayed by Freydis to worship Beebo and interpret its words in such a way as to conquer the whole of Vinland and establish New Valhalla, a country dominating the continental United States up to 2017. This led to the spread of Beebo worship, with soon after became known as Beebo Day. Becoming the popular holiday instead of Christmas.[1]

Encountering the Legends

The Legends tried to prevent this swiftly establishing aberration from fully settling in, arriving at Leif's and Freydís' Yuletide feast as adventurers from a fellow Viking clan, bringing booze with them and gifting to Leif's group. At the feast, Leif spoke to Amaya Jiwe, discussing the difficulties of losing warriors in adventures, offering his condolences regarding the death of Martin Stein, and saying that he, too lost too many men and women of his clan, which, as Freydís remarked, made him "soft".

When Mick Rory tried to steal Beebo and his offerings of booze, Freydís demanded his execution, for Mick to be cast into the fire as a sacrifice to Beebo, to which Leif reluctantly agreed as he saw that Beebo's worship had great support. They wanted to burn Mick Rory but the flames of the pyre got put out by Leonard Snart. Freydís then noticed that the Legends tried to steal Beebo. A massive fight ensued in which Freydís fought Ava Sharpe and Sara Lance simultaneously. She was having the upper hand against them but ended up distracted and was knocked down. After Mick Rory burned the Beebo toy, Leif remarked that he was right not to trust Beebo, as it was a false god with false promises. The destruction of Beebo was supposed to sway the Vikings back to Christianity, but, alas, the time travellers Damien Darhk and Nora Darhk appeared, presenting themselves as Odin and Valkyrie, gods from Asgard, and demanding worship.

Damien Darhk's reign would lead to the New Valhalla rising still, now celebrating Odin Day instead of Beebo Day. To prevent that, the Legends launched an operation to stop the Darhks, with Ray Palmer, the Atom, hiding inside another Beebo toy to speak to the Vikings. Leif was astonished by Beebo "rising from the grave" like Jesus Christ, which Ray, as Beebo, encouraged, proclaiming that Jesus Christ was the one true God, but also stating that Jesus's godhood doesn't mean that science or evolution aren't real. Beebo's speech and the Darhks' escape led to the restoration of Christian faith, with Leif finally convincing Freydís to leave Vinland.[1]

Serving a New God

When the Legends freed Mallus from his prison, he went through time and employed Freydís, Edward Teach, and Julius Caesar as his generals. The trio were sent to confront the Legends, who were hiding in the Wild West, and give them the choice to surrender the Totems of Zambesi to the time demon. The next day, Freydís and the others returned with reinforcement, with Freydís leading the Vikings. They were eventually defeated by the Legends and their allies, but Mallus' power revived them and the battle continued, until the arrival of a giant Beebo, Freydís recognizes him as the Blue God and witness him destroying Mallus, she reaffirmed her belief in Beebo, revering him a savior, unaware that Beebo was created by the Legends with the Totems.[2]


Unlike her brother who had accepted Christianity, Freydís was loyal to the Pagan gods. When the Vikings found Beebo she believed him to be a god and followed his orders. This caused her and the Vikings to conquer the New World and name it New Valhalla. According to Freydís, her brother became soft after experiencing too many horrors of war and losing many men and women.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Being a warrior and conqueror, Freydís was in top physical form, able to knock out the larger-built Mick Rory with a single punch.[1]
  • Expert tactician/Leader: Along with her brother, Leif Eriksson, Freydís was the leader of the Vikings, having successfully led numerous conquests. She influenced her tribe to follow the words of Beebo in order to continue the old ways.[1]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As a Viking warrior, Freydís is a deadly fighter in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. She simultaneously battled Ava Sharpe and Sara Lance, eventually outmatching them. Freydís even held her own against Amaya Jiwe, but was easily incapacitated due to the latter's enhanced strength.
    • Master swordswoman: Freydís was shown to be extremely formidable with a sword. During a sword fight, she was able to successfully duel Ava and Sara, the latter of whom had League of Assassins training, at the same time. Freydís completely dominated the fight and disarmed them both, only losing because she became distracted.[1]


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Season 3

Behind the scenes

  • In real life, Freydís Eiríksdóttir was a Norse woman said to be the daughter of Erik the Red, who is associated with the Norse exploration of North America and the discovery of Vinland with his son Leif Erikson.