For the late criminal from Earth-1 also known as Turtle, see, Russell Glosson.

"I am just taking from her what she stole from me: Time."
—Frida to Joe West[src]

Frida Novikov, nicknamed the Turtle II by Cisco Ramon, and referred to as Turtle 2.0 in Cisco's Who's Who? Binder, is an infamous meta-human criminal that can manipulate bubbles of time.


Early life

Frida was born in Russia. When she became an adult, she became an international drug dealer, at least until she was reported by two informants. She was then arrested and deported back to Russia.[1]


From unknown means, Frida obtained powers and managed to escape. She travelled to Central City, where she met the first informant, Maria Volkova. She used her powers to destroy Maria's helicopter to kill her, but Maria was saved by Kid Flash. Frida then followed Maria to CC Jitters, where she finally managed to kill her.

She later broke into the CCPD and demanded that Joe West give the location of Olga Zhuravlev, the second informant. The Flash and Kid Flash appeared and tried to make her give up, but she didn't want to. She tried to kill them using her powers but was injected with Velocity X by Joe, who handcuffed her and arrested her.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: From unknown means, Frida possessed dark matter energy in her body. This activation altered her DNA and cells, enabling her meta-human abilities to develop.[1]
    • Chronokinesis: Frida has the power to manipulate time by shooting bubbled time that can expand to encase the target and either slow them down or rapidly age them. She has also shown she is able to freeze an entire room at the CCPD so that time will stop and she was able to age informant Maria Volkova.[1]


  • Bilingual: As a native Russian, Frida speaks his mother tongue fluently in addition to English.[1]
  • Stealth/Infiltration: Frida is extremely secretive, being able to approach other people without being sensed.


  • Velocity X: Cisco modified his Velocity X drug to speed Frida up, thereby neutralizing her kinetic-energy absorbing powers.[1]


  • Turtle II suit: Frida wore a suit while operating as her supervillain alter-ego, Turtle II.[1]


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