"Caitlin's taste in clothes is matched only by her taste in men, both terrible."
Killer Frost complaining to Felicity Smoak and Iris West on Caitlin Snow for not having a suit[src]

The Frost suits, formerly known as Killer Frost suits are a series of protective suits worn by Caitlin Snow of Earth-1 as Killer Frost.


First suit

This suit is similar to the suit worn by the Caitlin Snow of Earth-2, in terms of the design and the colors. The suit includes a long dark blue coat with silver details, which reaches down to a little bit below knee length. The coat is zipped up to form a corset-like top with a snowflake-like symbol in the middle of her waist, possibly featured as an "emblem" for the suit. It also has a dark blue dress underneath the coat and long dark blue boots that go up to her thighs.

Second suit

This new suit includes a baby blue denim jacket and a leather pants with the former snowflake-like symbol from her old suit. She also wears black heels.

Third suit

This suit consists of a black sweater and a black protective coat over it, and black leather pants. The coat is zipped up with a belt that unlike the others does not include the emblem, although in one occasion, she wear it un-zipped. It also has black heels.


Later, she swapped the coat for a black leather jacket, which was un-zipped.

Fourth suit

The Fourth suit was designed by Cisco and is a black suit with a long flowing dark blue coat on top, similar to her original suit. Her symbol in the middle being all silver. Silver outlines cover the shoulders of the suit as well. This new suit also includes earrings and separate dark blue sleeves as well. She also wears black heels.


Caitlin wore a protective suit as her evil alter-ego, Killer Frost, shortly after she was recruited by Savitar.[1]

The first suit was first seen in a possible future, through Cisco Ramon's vibe, where Caitlin, having become known as Killer Frost, took on Vibe.[2]

Caitlin eventually merged with her Killer Frost side and abandoned her alter-ego and her suit.[3]

The second suit was seen for the first time after Killer Frost took control of Caitlin again, although it is likely that she started using it since working with Amunet Black.[4]

Killer Frost, then, started using a new suit in result of the other one getting destroyed.

After Killer Frost resurfaced, Caitlin started wearing a black protective coat, but later abandoned it for a black leather suit.[5]

Cisco later created a new suit for Caitlin to use as Killer Frost,[6] which she then began wearing while operating in the field.[7]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, both Caitlin and the suit were destroyed by a wave of antimatter,[8] but Caitlin was brought back during the rebirth of the universe, where she wore another suit on Earth-Prime.[9]

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