Fuerza, nicknamed by Cisco Ramon, is a currently unnamed and unknown human resident of Central City who is currently serving as a host to the mysterious inter-dimensional force of nature known to Team Flash as the Strength Force.


When the Flash convinced Abra Kadabra not to destroy Central City, Fuerza emerged from the ground, causing a brief earthquake and killing Abra Kadabra with one punch. She then held the Flash in her arms but soon after she was upset and left.[1]

Following these events, Fuerza first attacked the Speed Force itself, followed by Psych, leaving it badly injured enough to seek Team Flash's help.[2]

After returning from the past where he battled Deon Owens, Cisco Ramon realized that Fuerza was the host of the Strength Force.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Strength Force connection/Meta-human physiology: As a host to the Strength Force, Fuerza draws all of their power from it and is directly linked to it.
    • Superhuman agility: Fuerza is able to jump much higher and move better, than normal humans and most other meta-humans.
    • Superhuman stamina: Fuerza is able to be more active longer normal humans and most other meta-humans; without the need to rest.
    • Superhuman strength: Fuerza is much stronger than normal humans and most other meta-humans.
    • Energy absorption: Fuerza absorbed the antimatter energy blast from Abra's bomb and the lightning thrown by the Flash.


The Flash

Season 7


  • It's unknown what Fuerza's motives are for attacking Abra Kadabra. Two options are that she was an acquaintance of Abra's victim or had simply been driven crazy by becoming host to the Strength Force; hence why she didn't speak.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Alexa Antigone, also known as Fuerza, hails from the South American nation of Corto Maltese, where she is an anarchist who battles against her corrupt government. She is a conduit of the mysterious cosmic force known as the Strength Force, which provides her with a vast assortment of powers to wage her war on corruption. Although they clashed initially, she eventually teams up with the Flash to take on the corrupt police force of Corto Maltese, and better understand their connections to the Strength and Speed Forces respectively.


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