"You were never supposed to have partners. There was never supposed to be a John Diggle. A Felicity Smoak. A Team Arrow. There never was supposed to be a Green Arrow! There was only the mission!"
—A hallucination of The Hood to Oliver Queen
"Fundamentals" is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirty-third episode overall. It aired on April 12, 2018.


In his darkest place yet, Oliver wonders if he has failed at everything – being a father, a mayor and a hero. His frustration rising, Oliver lashes out at Felicity and William. A surprising visit from an old friend has Oliver questioning his next move.[src]


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  • "Back to the Basics" was the original title for this episode.[1]
    • Near the end of the episode, Oliver says that he needs to go "back to the basics," likely indicating the title change was a post-shooting decision.
  • This is the first episode to contain Oliver's suits as both the Hood and Green Arrow.
  • Felicity mentions that she "Parent Trapped" John and Oliver, referencing a scene from 1961 film The Parent Trap in which the protagonists trick their separated parents into seeing each other.


  • When Oliver yells at William and accidentally smashes his science fair project, it can be seen on the table, perfectly intact, moments later when Felicity tells Oliver to leave.


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