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"You were never supposed to have partners. There was never supposed to be a John Diggle. A Felicity Smoak. A Team Arrow. There never was supposed to be a Green Arrow! There was only the mission!"
—A hallucination of The Hood to Oliver Queen

"Fundamentals" is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirty-third episode overall. It aired on April 12, 2018.



"Fundamentals" starts with a couple of cops strolling down the foyer of City Hall. The lights begin glinting and Oliver shows up, asking them where Diaz is. The division goes on lockdown, and Oliver starts battling many officials.

He gets one of the officials to spill the way that Diaz is squatted in a room in City Hall made sure about by various cops.

We return 10 hours to see Oliver and Felicity staring at the TV reports about a possible reprimand in the wake of Oliver terminating the head prosecutor and police commander.

Oliver and Felicity are contending about approaches to bring down Diaz when Diggle shows up. Felicity baited him to Arrow HQ by disclosing to him that his arm embed required a code update.

Oliver Diggle still won't cooperate.

Oliver and Lance are meeting with Councilman Collins to go over likely deterrent of equity charges. Collins cautions Oliver that indictment procedures will get in progress later that evening. The lawyer cautions Oliver that he should have solid proof against the DA and police, in any case it's an assurance he'll be reprimanded.

Oliver needs to leave City Hall to take William to a science reasonable. He gets back to talk with Felicity about approaches to assemble proof for Oliver, yet Felicity advises him that the main proof that they have would straightforwardly associate Oliver to the Green Arrow.

Felicity and Oliver start to contend, and angrily, Oliver coincidentally obliterates William's science venture. Felicity instructs him to leave.

Oliver's taking some time at Arrow HQ, and Felicity shows up to disclose to him that they need some space.

Arrow shows up at Arrow HQ to comfort Oliver. Oliver begins venting to his tutor, making note that Lance is actually the just one to not leave him yet. Arrow leaves, and Oliver starts hearing commotions originate from the lift.

He arms himself and when he opens the lift, Adrian Chase is there with a weapon. Pursue starts to start shooting. The two battle for a moment before Oliver's ready to place him in a strangle hold. In the wake of taking steps to follow Felicity and William, Oliver snaps his neck.

Oliver dismisses in dismay and when he goes to think back, Adrian's body is no more. Oliver daydreamed the whole battle.

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Oliver chooses to run a blood test on himself and discovers that he's been tranquilized with Vertigo by one way or another. He addresses whether the legal advisor he met with before some way or another acquainted the medication with him when they shook hands.

Oliver needs to go address Lance about the circumstance, yet Oliver starts to fantasize and see Adrian once more. The mind flight advises Oliver not to go talk with Lance in his present condition. Pursue discloses to Oliver that he's the cause all his own problems. Oliver leaves the shelter and gets a call from Lance advising him that he's late to his reprimand procedures.

At the point when Oliver goes to leave the lift from the shelter, he ends up in his old house. He's quickly drawn closer by a more youthful form of Laurel Lance.

Oliver starts to having unexpected irregular visualizations. He sees Laurel in the medical clinic on her deathbed. He sees Rene in the medical clinic. He shows up back in his present condo and discovers his maid wounded in the stomach. She cautions him "the man with the mythical beast tattoo" is still in his loft before she bites the dust. Diaz ventures out and stuns Oliver with a tazer, making the city hall leader tumble to his knees.

He at that point awakens in the dugout and is expeditiously drawn nearer by a pipedream of himself as the Hood.

Oliver shows up at his hearing longer than an hour late. Arrow pulls him aside and tells him that the proof that would interface him with the Green Arrow, and advises him that it's their lone card to play.

Oliver notices to his gathering that the Green Arrow gave him monetary reports that interfaces the city representatives that he terminated with Ricardo Diaz. Arrow pulls him aside and instructs him to return to the dugout and get the Vertigo out of his framework.

After Lance leaves Oliver's office, the Chase mental trip shows back up and discloses to him the best way to escape this difficulty is to capture Diaz himself, and educates him that Diaz is at the police headquarters each night.

Felicity and William get back from the science reasonable when Felicity's telephone begins humming, an alarm has gone off indicating Oliver's gone to the police office. She calls Lance, who pursues Oliver down trying to stop him, yet Oliver rapidly takes Lance out.

Felicity shows up at the police office to discover it wrecked, at some point after the occasions we saw at the earliest reference point of the scene. She tracks Oliver down and needs to persuade him that she's genuine and not a mental trip. She does whatever it takes not to go into the room where Diaz is being held, however the visualization of Chase shows up again arguing for the sake of arguing, attempting to get Oliver to go in the room.

Felicity puts her hand over Oliver's heart, and he understands that she's genuine. Standing by anxiously, Diaz arranges his men to leave the room and seek after Oliver. He's ready to escape with Felicity without getting harmed.

Oliver comes back to the fortification with Felicity and Lance, and Felicity gives him a creation to neutralize the Vertigo impacts. Oliver illuminates Felicity that if he's going to keep being the Green Arrow, he needs to return to nuts and bolts with no group encompassing him.

Arrow strolls in and turns on the TV. Oliver's been impugned, and Lance, as appointee city hall leader, has been named his substitution.

Back at home, Felicity moves toward her better half about being terminated, yet Oliver guarantees her she wasn't terminated. He essentially needs to do his missions alone.

Oliver goes to converse with William just because since obliterating his science venture. William communicates worry over his dad's indictment. Oliver clarifies that he was incidentally sedated, and William tells his dad that Felicity disclosed the circumstance to him.

At City Hall, individuals are tidying up the jumble Oliver caused the earlier night. Diaz is working in the open in his own office when Black Siren appears. She asks Diaz for what reason he simply didn't shoot Oliver in the head, and Diaz discloses that he needs to destroy Oliver a tiny bit at a time.


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  • "Back to the Basics" was the original title for this episode.[1]
    • Near the end of the episode, Oliver says that he needs to go "back to the basics," likely indicating the title change was a post-shooting decision.
  • This is the first episode to contain Oliver's suits as both the Hood and Green Arrow.
  • Felicity mentions that she "Parent Trapped" John and Oliver, referencing a scene from 1961 film The Parent Trap in which the protagonists trick their separated parents into seeing each other.
  • When Felicity pulls up the SCPD feed, she says "10:13". This could be a reference to the founding date of the League of Assassins or Malcolm Merlyn's birthday.


  • When Oliver yells at William and accidentally smashes his science fair project, it can be seen on the table, perfectly intact, moments later when Felicity tells Oliver to leave.