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"How does it feel, Constantine, to lock eyes with your future?"

Furcifer is an extremely powerful demon from the Inner Circle of Hell, who tried to kill Liv Aberdine, until he was sent back to Hell by John Constantine.


Furcifer manifests himself as John Constantine

Furcifer manifests himself as John Constantine.

Furcifer began to stalk Liv Aberdine, killing her neighbour Talia when he was unable to attack Liv due to supernatural warding. After Talia's body was taken away, he possessed it, killing the ambulance driver and crashing it in to where Liv would have been at work. As Liv left with John Constantine and Chas Chandler, Furcifer followed them, causing them to crash. He took control of some broken power lines, but Constantine successfully sent him away with some incantations. Some days later, after John and company had sorted out a plan, Furcifer followed them to the rooftop of a building, entering in to a circular trap to go for Liv. John quickly began to exorcise the demon, but he was stopped when Furcifer began to draw power from the city. However, having anticipated this, John had a friend shut down the entire city's electricity, forcing Furcifer to instead go for a power box. He was again thwarted by Constantine, who lit his circle on fire, allowing Liv to unwrap a constricting power cable and escape. In a last gasp effort to win, Furcifer offered up the soul of Astra Logue, but Liv was able to see through his disguise, that it was not truly Astra, and Constantine was able to banish Furcifer to Hell.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Demonic physiology: Furcifer like all demons from the Inner Circle is a high ranking demon from Hell.[1] He is also unique amongst demons as he doesn’t use typical demonic powers like telekinesis or pyrokinesis, but rather favors electrokinesis.
    • Electrokinesis: Furcifer draws his strength from electricity, meaning he can also manifest lightning and tempests.[1] Furcifer can also shoot bolts of white lightning out of his vessel‘s hands, as well as control all sources related to electricity, such as power cables.
    • Possession: Furcifer can possess human bodies, as with all demons, and use them as his hosts while also manifesting his supernatural powers through them.[1]
    • Mind projection/Shape-shifting: Furcifer can appear to a person as the person themself, as he is shown taking the form of John Constantine while speaking to him.[1]



DC's Legends of Tomorrow[]

Season 4[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • "Furcifer" is Latin for "scoundrel." His name was also likely chosen due to its similarity to Lucifer.
  • When Furcifer appears in the guise of John Constantine, he resembles another comic book character, Demon Constantine, an evil doppelganger created using John Constantine's evil aspects, Nergal's blood, and Alistair Crowley's soul.