"The last time Barry Allen saw you, you took the life of his close friend. And now he sees you, and he pauses. You really don't see it. You can calculate near-infinite outcomes across multiple Earths, but you cannot account for how someone is feeling."
Marlize DeVoe to Clifford DeVoe
"Fury Rogue" is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the eighty-eighth episode overall. It aired on April 24, 2018.


When Barry needs help transporting a dangerous meta, he calls on a new friend for help – Leo Snart AKA Citizen Cold. Meanwhile, Cisco becomes suspicious of Harry.[1]




  • DeVoe calls Laurel Lance/Siren-X "banshee". This is a reference to the Earth-38 super-villainess, Silver Banshee, who has powers similar to Siren-X's.
  • When Cisco was experiencing the new Thinking Cap overloading, he shouted "Pikachu", referencing an electric mouse creature from the video game/anime franchise "Pokémon".
  • Leo mentions how Barry can literally travel "back to the future", referencing the film series of the same name.
  • Cisco mentions that Fallout is so far off the grid that it would take Jack Ryan "two Tom Clancy novels to find him", referencing the former fictional character by the latter author.
  • When Siren-X arrives at CCPD, she mockingly refers to it as "home of the brave, land of the dead." This is a play on the phrase "land of the free and the home of the brave" from The Star-Spangled Banner, America's national anthem.
    • Siren-X's mocking is a nod to her affiliation with the New Reich, which opposes the symbolism of the national anthem.
  • When Leo received the interdimensional extrapolator, he says "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something navy." This is a twist on the traditional wedding rhyme, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue".
  • Siren-X attacked CCPD headquarters without the use of her electronic mask, thus exposing her identity. This would presumably create problems for Black Siren, who is currently under the guise of a resurrected Earth-1 Laurel Lance, a well-known public figure.


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