"Red is a very symbolic color. It's the color of love, but it's also the color of passion, courage, war. At one point or another, you're going to have to wrestle with all of these emotions, and what defines your character is how you balance them. So keep me close to your heart because I'll be thinking of you when I wear mine. Mazel tov. I'm so proud of you."
—Gabi Kane to her daughters, Kate and Beth[src]

Gabrielle Lorna "Gabi" Kane[1] (née Goldstein;[2] 1965[1]-January 26, 2003[3][4]) was the wife of Jacob Kane, and the mother of Kate and Beth Kane.


Early life

Gabrielle Goldstein was born in 1965 in Gotham City and raised in a Jewish family.[5] In adulthood, she married Jacob Kane and on January 26, 1990, the couple had twin daughters, Kate and Beth, short for Katherine and Elizabeth, respectively.[4]

Kate and Beth's Bat Mitzvah

On January 26, 2003, Gabi finished celebrating her daughters' Bat Mitzvah with her husband, Jacob at their church. Jacob's car was filled with so many birthday gifts that there wasn't enough room for passengers. Kate and Beth decided to drive home with Gabi to which Gabi kissed her husband good-bye and promised to meet with them later. After Jacob left, Gabi gave her daughters surprise gifts; necklaces with their birthstones. Gabi explained the importance of their birthstone's color and promises them that she'll always think of them as long as she wears her earrings which matches her daughters' necklaces. As they embraced, Gabi expressed how proud she was of both her daughters.[5]


As Gabi drove Kate and Beth home, a school bus that was hijacked by the Joker rear-ended their car, causing them to veer off of a bridge. Batman intervened and affixed the car to the bridge with his grappling hooks, allowing Kate to climb to safety. Before Gabi and Beth could get out though, the car's old engineering caused it to break off from the wires and crash into the river below, with them inside.[3] Gabi was instantly killed by the impact with the water, having her head severed from her body.[6]


Gabi's death, along with the supposed death of Beth, would haunt Bruce Wayne for years, causing him to spend hours trying to figure out what went wrong that day.

Gabi's death deeply affected Jacob and Kate, as they continued to mourn for her over the next 15 years.[3] However, one year and four months after the accident, Jacob moved on from Gabi's death and married Catherine Hamilton.[2]

Beth witnessed Gabi's death up close, even catching a glimpse of her mother's severed head in the accident, severely traumatizing her. Her head, along with Beth, was found by August Cartwright. He froze the head in a locked freezer at his mother's urging to preserve it until he could give her Gabi's face.

Years later, after August gives Gabi's earrings to Mabel, Beth would discover her mother's frozen head. This, combined with her imprisonment by August Cartwright, and the abuse by Mabel Cartwright drove Beth to become the psychotic criminal Alice and commit her first murder, by killing Mabel as revenge for all the abuse and for what she planned for her mother's frozen head.[6][5]

August's comment to Kate about letting her mother's face go to waste which would been a shame caused her to throttle him to death angry that he took everything from her family thus committing her first ever intentional murder.[5]


Gabi was a loving, compassionate woman to her husband, Jacob and to her daughters, Kate and Beth. Both her husband and daughters loved Gabi dearly. Gabi loved her daughters so much that she gave them necklaces with their birthstones to match with her earrings so she can keep them close to heart while they could keep her close to their hearts.



Season 1


  • Gabi was Jewish.[3][5]
  • Gabi was the main motivation for both her daughters, Beth and Kate to commit their first murders.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Gabi Kane was an Army Intelligence officer, and the mother of Kate and Beth Kane. She was killed in a terrorist attack, rather than a car crash.


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