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"Gabriel Phillips" (formerly known as Prisoner #2444) was an alien convict imprisoned on Fort Rozz.


Fort Rozz[]

The unnamed alien was imprisoned on Fort Rozz and became "Prisoner #2444".[1]


When Fort Rozz crashed on Earth, the alien escaped masquerading as a human named "Gabriel Phillips". Hank Henshaw briefed D.E.O. agents about "Gabriel Philips". When they found him, he'd been chained up and begged them to help him. An armored figure appeared, shrugging off fire and retaliating with energy blasts before taking off with the escapee in tow. Alex told Hank he was abducted. The armored figure was shown holding the alien prisoner, saying his human disguise could not fool him and demanded him to show his true form. He activated a guillotine despite the alien's protest that Krypton has no death penalty, as they were not on Krypton, and the alien transformed, asking to leave. He was told that "No one escapes the Master Jailer" and was executed.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

  • Shapeshifting: Gabriel could transform from alien to human form, causing his body to vibrate while changing between forms.[1]



Season 1[]