Gail Knox is the wife of the late Curtis Knox, and a resident of Harmony Falls.


Sometime before 1958, Gail met Vandal Savage, who was living under the assumed name "Curtis Knox". The two were married and lived in a house together in Harmony Falls.

Curtis Knox and Gail Knox

Curtis and Gail greet their new neighbors.

When Rip Hunter's team arrived in 1958, Ray Palmer and Kendra Saunders unknowingly moved into the house across the street from Gail and her husband, hoping that they could gain information about Savage's whereabouts by masquerading as newlyweds and attempting to blend in with the townsfolk. Both were surprised, however, when Gail and Savage arrived on their doorstep to welcome them to the neighborhood. Savage invited Ray and Kendra to a mixer that he and Gail were hosting at their home later that evening; while they appeared reluctant to accept the invitation, both Ray and Kendra agreed to make an appearance. Gail and Savage said their goodbyes, and left their new neighbors with a freshly baked casserole as a parting gift.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1


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