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Coach Gaines is a football coach at Smallville High School.


Football coach

"Kent, I want you on the book, learning the offense."
—Coach Gaines[src]

At some point, Gaines became a coach for the Smallville Crows. He trains several team members, such as Tag Harris, Timmy Ryan, Sean Smith, and the newly arrived Jordan and Jonathan Kent.[1] Gaines allowed Clark Kent to become an assistant coach at Smallville High School if he worked for free.[2] Gaines was present the night of the Smallville Crows game.[3]

Beating Metropolis

One Saturday, the Smallville Crows were matched against Metropolis; Coach Gaines became upset when he placed Jordan Kent in the game, but he failed to protect the quarterback on his first play, resulting in the quarterback's injury. Jonathan Kent talked Coach Gaines into letting him replace the quarterback. The Smallville Crows won.[4] Seeing that Jon was trying to flirt with Tegan Wickhem, Gaines said he needed a new playbook.[5]


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