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"I am but a servant. It is my honor to serve the true inspiration of Camelot's glory... King Arthur. For was it not he who said that 'Might must serve right, lest it bloom into the cruel flower of tyranny'?"
—Sir Galahad[src]

Galahad (died 507) was one of the Knights of the Round Table and was fiercely loyal to King Arthur. He was proud to serve his king and do his duty for the good of Camelot. Ray Palmer was excited to meet the famed knight though he was saddened when the man was struck down by the king himself when Arthur was brainwashed by Rip Hunter. His sword was used by Ray to save the kingdom from the Legion of Doom.


Galahad was there to meet the Legends when they were brought to the castle by Guinevere. During the feast that night, he was joined at the table by Ray Palmer who told him that he was a fan. At first, Galahad was confused as he assumed that this meant he made wind but Ray was more clear in that he was an admirer of his. Galahad told him that he wasn't worth such admiration and he was but a servant to the kingdom. He praised his loyalty for Arthur which Ray agreed with. When the king returned, Galahad went over to see that he captured the Black Knight that was terrorizing the kingdom as of late but was shocked to see Arthur grab Merlin. It turned out that the knight was Damien Darhk and Arthur was now under the control of Rip Hunter through future mind control technology. A fight broke out in the hall and Galahad fought off some of the brainwashed men before he was struck down by Arthur.

Both Ray and Guinevere grieved for Galahad. Ray took his sword and infused it with ionic energy from his A.T.O.M. suit to make it glow with light and power and used it to fight off the brainwashed army to defend the kingdom and later against Damien Darhk himself.[1]


Former equipment

  • Sword: Galahad had a sword which later ended up in the hands of Sir Raymond of The Palms in the fight for Camelot. Afterwards, the sword was presumably sent to be buried with Galahad.


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Behind the scenes

  • Sir Galahad is a legendary knight and a prominent character in Arthurian tradition.
  • Considering that the protection spell was supposed to be cast on all Knights of the Round Table, it is possible that it was cast on Galahad, allowing him to rise after his presumed death at the hands of mind-controlled Arthur after the events of "Camelot/3000", depending on how many lives he has left.