Galina Venediktov (died early 2012) was the wife of an unnamed man and the mother of the late Taiana and the late Vlad Venediktov.


After her children, Taiana and Vlad, went missing in 2010, Galina went to Konstantin Kovar to explain the situation and he agreed to employ her as a maid until they came back.

Over a year later, Galina was still working for Kovar, bringing some fresh flowers into his meeting with Oliver Queen and promising azaleas when they came in to bloom.[1]

Some months following, Galina was approached by Oliver Queen. At first, she was shocked, claiming that Kovar had told her Oliver was an enemy, so he admitted that he was friends with her daughter, calming her down. However, they were interrupted by her bodyguard, who recognized Oliver, leading to a fight. The following day, Oliver approached Galina again, pulling her into an empty alley. He explained how her children were dead and that Kovar was lying about searching for them, instead actually being a bad man. Due to this, she gave him her entry card to Kovar's mansion. Later on, Galina was brought to and questioned by Kovar. They searched for her card but could not find it, causing Kovar to kill Galina. Oliver attempted to intervene, but was unfortunately too late.[2] He presumably arranged a proper burial for Galina's body.


Galina's death was avenged after Oliver killed Konstantin Kovar on Lian Yu.[3]



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Behind the scenes

  • By Russian language conventions, Galina's surname should be spelled as "Venediktova", while "Venediktov" would be a form correct for her son, Vlad.


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