"Listen Khalil, I've had my own struggles with PTSD. What helped me was finding a safe emotional structure. I found that in tailoring. I'd lose myself for hours in the stitching and fabrics. And seeing that I could create something of value helped me get out of the dark places that my mind would get trapped in."
Peter Gambi to Khalil Payne on why he became a tailor.[src]

Gambi's Custom Tailoring is a business owned by Peter Gambi.


On Earth-Prime, Gambi had continued using his shop after the Crisis, with only Jefferson and Jennifer Pierce knowing what was different.[1]

During the War for Freeland, Sara Grey and some A.S.A. agents raided Gambi's Custom Tailoring to retrieve a folder belonging to A.S.A. but they are killed by Gambi and TC.[2]


Black Lightning

Season 3


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