"I forgot how warm and beautiful this place is."
Lynn Stewart to Peter Gambi[src]

Gambi's Custom Tailoring is a tailoring shop located in Freeland. It is owned by Peter Gambi. The basement is used as a base of operations for Black Lightning, while the second level acts as Gambi's apartment.


Peter Gambi opened his shop sometime before September 2, 1987.[1]

After being injured at Club 100, Jefferson Pierce headed to Gambi's Custom Tailoring, where he was patched up by Peter Gambi. Despite initially refusing to get back into the vigilantism game, Pierce soon returned to the shop, Gambi offering him a new vigilante suit.[2] Lynn Stewart came by the shop, accusing Gambi of having fuelled Jefferson's addiction to his powers.[3] Following Lawanda White's death, Jefferson took vigilantism back up, Gambi making some improvements upon his gauntlets, which he allowed to try out and perfect beneath the shop.[4] Gambi later instructed Black Lightning from beneath the shop on a mission to find a stash of Green Light.[5] Tobias Whale visited the shop, hoping to discover Black Lightning's identity, but Gambi feigned ignorance. Later, discovering Joey Toledo to still be in Freeland, Jefferson began yelling at Gambi, before collapsing. He awoke to find himself being tended to by Lynn. Lynn made him promise to not go after Toledo in his current state, which he initially did, but later broke.[6] Collapsing in immense pain during his fight, Jefferson was brought back to the basement, where he was again tended to be Lynn. Lynn finally snapped, getting angry at him for his vigilantism, before storming out.[7]

Anissa visited Gambi after he called claiming an emergency. Not on speaking terms with her father, he told her of the A.S.A.'s holding meta-human subjects captive.[8]

Shortly after, Lisa visited the shop hoping to put up a missing poster for her friend, Neema Summers, explaining to Gambi how out of character it was. Later that day, Martin Proctor visited with backup, taking Gambi in order to interrogate him. Later that night, Gambi was eventually rescued by Jefferson, who allowed him to rest.[9]


Jefferson and Gambi in the basement.

The basement of Gambi's shop acts as a base of operations for Jefferson Pierce's vigilante operations as Black Lightning. Even during his 9-year absence, Gambi kept everything, using it to design Jefferson a new suit.[2] Gambi has also mentioned that he and the Pierce family are the only ones who know about the basement's existence.[9]


The second level of Gambi's shop acts as his apartment.[1]

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  • According to the hours for the shop on the front door, the shop is open from 9am to 8pm on Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm on Saturday, and is closed on Sundays.[9]
  • It can be presumed that after Alvin Pierce was murdered and Jefferson was taken in by Gambi, that Jefferson also lived in the tailor shop with Gambi while growing up.
  • In Central City on Earth-1 exists Gambi Cleaners.


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