Gambi Cleaners is a laundry and dry cleaning business located in Central City. The company provides a 24-hour hour drop off and pick up service.[1]


Gambi Cleaners employee uniform

The employee uniform of Gambi Cleaners.

Upon realizing his body was acting differently following a recovery from a nine-month coma, Barry Allen tested out his theories about the changes of his body in a seemingly empty alleyway. While running at superspeed though, Barry ended up crashing into a Gambi Cleaners' van, witnessed by an employee who was collecting bags of clothes.[1]

Erased future

When Nora West-Allen discovered her powers, she accidentally ran into a van owned by Gambi & Sons, similar to her father.[2]


The Flash

Season 1

Season 5


  • When Nora ran into a van in her future, it was renamed Gambi & Sons, meaning that the owner, presumably an individual named "Gambi", had children who were now working with him at the company, prompting a renaming of the business.

Behind the scenes

  • Gambi Cleaners is a reference to Paul Gambi, a tailor in the DC comics who designs costumes for super-villains in Central City, most notably the Rogues Gallery.


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