"The planets are still aligned. There's still time!"
"Not for you. Not anymore."
"I can still finish this."
"You've had your last go. Your reign is over.
Rama Khan and Gamemnae[src]

Gamemnae, also known as Gemma Cooper, is an ancient and powerful alien entity called the "Goddess of Technology."[1] She is one of the former leaders of the planet Jarhanpur; a sister planet to Krypton and Daxam, and a high-ranking member of Leviathan who, after the removal of Rama Khan from said position, became the organization's new leader, dubbed the "Guardian of Earth". Following the creation of Earth-Prime, she is also a mentor to Andrea Rojas and a board member of Obsidian North, whether she had this title on Earth-38 is unknown.


Original multiverse

Early life

Thousands of years ago, after the destruction of Jarhanpur, Gamemnae came to Earth with other members of its species.[2]


In late 2019 in Leviathan headquarters, Gamemnae offers to Rama Khan his help with her expectation to deal with the planet but Rama Khan denies it. Later, when Alex and Brainy found the headquarters, Gamemnae used her powers to disguise it.[2]

Gamemnae stopping Rama Khan.

Later, Gamemnae and Rama Khan talk about their current circumstance and she say that they have to destroy the humans and she notes that the planets are altogether coming into arrangement without precedent for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time. They needs to release a volcano and they just need Acrata to do it.

When Acrata (Andrea Rojas) and Rama Khan teleport to and fight at Leviathan's hideout due to Khan being defeated by Supergirl, Gamemnae appears to break up the fight. She grabs the Staff of the Shadow World from Rama Khan before he can strike Rojas and tells Khan that his reign is over.[3]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Gamemnae as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[4] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[5]

New multiverse

College mentor

Gamemnae as Gemma Cooper.

It's unknown exactly how much of her history was changed, however in the new multiverse, she goes by the legal name Gemma Cooper and was a college mentor and friend of Andrea Rojas.[6] Like all Jarhanpurians, Gamemnae retains knowledge of the original universe.[7]

While looking over her work with Obsidian North's "Collective Dream" VR lenses she convinces Andrea to create an alternate reality for people to stay permanently who are unable to function in normal society.[6]

Later, Gemma dates Lex Luthor. He is aware that she is board chair of Obsidian North, and brings up the issue they are having in the bio-link, and how Andrea refused his sister's help, claiming he was only offering his help in order for a future friendship to blossom. Gemma soon calls Andrea demanding to know why Lena Luthor was not allowed to help. Andrea apologizes and promises to allow her in on their situation. She immediately calls her, claiming she has changed her mind.[8]

Lex makes a business proposal to Gemma.

Lex tracks down Gemma Cooper at her job, and offers his services and the personal protection of Supergirl. Gemma is debating whether or not to take him up on his offer, but he insists Supergirl will not fail, and, with the entire world watching so closely, Leviathan does not need more eyes on them. Gemma agrees, but insists if Supergirl fails, the fallback will lie with him. Gemma has one last meeting with Lex inside her limo, with him insisting he only wants to be friends.[9]

Andrea would call Gemma when she needed advice.[10]

Luthor's return

Greeting Lex at his return

Gamemnae was present with Andrea Rojas when Lex returned from touring the world and advertising Obsidian Platinum globally. The leaders of Obsidian North were pleased with their alliance with Luthor Corp as Lex had also launched satellites that advanced the VR beyond National City.[1]

Double sacrifice

"Don't TELL me anything! I am a god; you are nothing! Do you understand? Now explain yourself!"
—Gamemnae venting on Lex[src]

Confronted by Lex.

Lex Luthor confronts Gemma Cooper and tells her that he knows that she is a member of the secret organization called Leviathan and that she is really Gamemnae, the goddess of technology; Lex wants to know what he can do to join. He further quips that he can help her to conquer the Earth without interference from Supergirl if she loans him her most trusted agent. Since Lex was so helpful with his worldwide advertising of Obsidian Platinum, Gamemnae chooses to entertain him but she must know if he can be trusted and what else he can do to support her cause. She orders a female Morae to do his bidding.

Deceived by Lex.

When Lex returns, Gamemnae is upset; her most trusted agent is captured by the Superfriends and Margot Morrison is dead by his hands; Lex explains that sacrifices had to be made for the greater game, revealing that the greater goal was the destruction of Supergirl as now the Superfriends will not stop Obsidian Platinum from advancing.

Gamemnae is given a briefcase Lex stole from the Fortress of Solitude;[1] as she presents it to him, Rama Khan is pleased with what is inside because he knows how to use it to kill Supergirl.[7]

Worldwide unity festival

Giving Lex a lapel.

Gamemnae decided that Lex Luthor had earned a place with Leviathan and decided that he could see the headquarters, so the next morning, she ordered Rama Khan to disable the protective shields of the mothership. However, Rama Khan got higher orders from the Elder that no one was worth their safety and not to stop the radiation that hurt all but Jarhanpurians; thus, he left it active and when Gamenae and Lex arrived, Lex was paralyzed with pain. Gamemnae gave the human a lapel pin that made him immune and welcomed him to the organization. Since it was the day of the Worldwide Unity Festival, Gamemnae and Lex got assurance from Rama Khan that Supergirl would not interfere since he had enough Kryptonite to kill her; they watched as Rama Khan, Tezumak, and Sela loaded their rings with radiation.

Meeting with the Elder.

At the very beginning of the festival, while Gamemnae was in an office of Obsidian North, the Elder had a telepathic meeting. The message was so jarring that Gamemnae revealed her true form onscreen where anyone could have seen; fortunately, only Lex entered the room, wondering why she was making this revelation. Gamemnae explained that Rama Khan was failing, even being temporarily disintegrated in a warehouse, and Supergirl was still alive to interfere. Lex suggested that another assassin should be used, especially while Supergirl was in Obsidian Platinum, leaving her physical body helpless.

Approaching Andrea.

Gamemnae went to Andrea Rojas and reminded her that they have known each other since Andrea was in college; Andrea was told to use her alter ego of Acrata to kill Supergirl. Andrea hesitated to follow orders, causing Gamemnae to threaten her father.

Struggling against teleportation.

Later, Gamemnae was forced to use her powers to resist being teleported back to the mothership headquarters; her resistance caused her to shed once again her flesh-like disguise as Lex watched. He then fled the office. Meanwhile, Supergirl talked over two billion people into reclaiming their bodies and exiting virtual reality, spoiling Gamemnae's plans to have a limp, helpless world to conquer. Ultimately, with Leviathan captured and Supergirl successful through Andrea's failure, the goddess of technology screamed in frustration.[11]


Gamemnae is cold and calculating, just as bad and manipulative.

Powers and abilities


Gamemnae using her powers.

  • Jarhanpurian physiology: Due to Gamemnae's Jarhanpurian physiology, she has superhuman physical attributes[2] and she was gifted with the power of technokinesis.[1]
    • Technokinesis: Gamemnae can create, shape and manipulate technology and technological constructs, manifesting a form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation and a special form of morphing which allows her physical interaction with machines.[1]
      • Shape-shifting: Gamemnae is able to transform between her human disguise and true alien metal-like form at will.[1]
      • Electrokinesis: Gamemnae is able to generate bolts of electricity from her hands. She used this ability to stun Lex Luthor.[1]
    • Extended longevity: Gamemnae is nearly immortal having lived for millions of years, participating in ancient cataclysmic events.[6]


  • High-level intellect/Great business acumen/Master tactician/Leader: Gamemnae is a highly intelligent individual, an excellent tactician and leader.[3]
  • Master of deception: Gamemnae has maintained the disguise of "Gemma Cooper" for years, fooling many people into believing that she is human; however, she cannot maintain her facade when using her active powers.


Gemma with the staff.

Original multiverse

  • Staff of the Shadow World: After Rama Khan and Andrea Rojas are transported back to Leviathan's headquarters; Gamemnae grabs the staff from Rama Khan before he can strike Rojas.[3]




Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, Gamemnae was an Atlantean sorceress who was born 3,000 years ago. She forcibly became the ruler of Atlantis but she later learned that Aquaman and the Justice League from the 21st century would pose a threat to her rule sometime in the future. Therefore, she formed the League of Ancients in order to defeat the heroes.
    • Gamemnae's appearance when she uses her powers, strongly resemble that of Vera Webster, the character portrayed by Annie Ross in Superman III, after her supercomputer transformed her into a cyborg.
  • Gamemnae served as the main antagonist of Season 5 of Supergirl.
  • Gamemnae will reappear in the Season 6 and last season of Supergirl.
  • She is the third major villain to reappear on Earth-Prime after Eobard Thawne and Ramsey Rosso.


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