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"You know, I heard someone say that if there's a war for the streets of Freeland, The 100 are winning. But here at Garfield, we are not fighting for the streets. No, we are fighting for the minds, the hopes and the dreams of our children."
Jefferson Pierce[src]

Garfield High School is a high school located in Freeland.


Jefferson Pierce became the principal of Garfield High School around 2011.[1]

Garfield High held a fundraiser, which many notable members of the Freeland community attended. The following morning, Jefferson Pierce went to work, discussing the idea of metal detectors in the school with Kara Fowdy and his firm opposition to them. Shortly after, Jennifer Pierce was approached by Will outside the school, but he was knocked down by Anissa Pierce and soon told to leave by Jefferson. Later that day, Will returned to take both Jennifer and Anissa hostage.[1]

Pierce talked to a number of parents at the school, assuring them that their children would be safe, though Lawanda White expressed her skepticism.[2]

After taking Green Light, Bernard Lewis began freaking out in the toilets, nearly taking out Principal Pierce. Due to these actions, he was nearly expelled by the board, before taking more and being forced out.[3]

Jefferson held a mentoring session with Malik at Garfield High, but the session was cut short.[4]

Holding a session, Principal Pierce had people mention things they were grateful for. While this was going on, Deputy Chief Cayman planted some Green Light in Pierce's car, subsequently using it to arrest him, despite some resistance from his students.[5]

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