Garfield High School is a high school located in Freeland.


At some point, Jefferson Pierce became the principal of this high school and it became the pillar of the community of Freeland. Jefferson went through some turmoil with the local gangs, losing the community's trust, but ultimately, he regained it.[1] Notorious students at the school are Jennifer Pierce and Brandon Marshall.[2]

One year later

A year after the War for Freeland, Jefferson was in his office when Chief Ana Lopez and Detective Hassan Shakur arrived They questioned Jefferson his whereabouts at the time that two police officers were attacked; Jefferson's car's license plate was identified as being in the area. Jefferson denied being there, but his alibi was not convincing to Ana and Hassan.[3]

Days later, Marcel Payton, who blamed himself for being a dysfunctional father, told his problems to Jefferson; after the war, the Payton family became homeless, lived in Marcel's car, and his son had died when caught in the crossfire between The 100 and the Kobra Cartel. Jefferson asked Marcel why he did not present his problems to the principal sooner, but Marcel doubted what Jefferson could do. In frustration, Marcel quit his teaching job, despite Jefferson's protests.

When Jefferson left the building for the day, he saw Tobias Whale; Tobias proved to be immune to Jefferson's powers. Tobias told Jefferson that he was not going to fight him in the open like a common villain. Tobias promised Jefferson that he would be avenged for the death of Tori; Jefferson retorted that he has not forgotten that Tobias is responsible for the death of Alvin Pierce.[4]

The next morning, Jefferson left his office and saw Marcel with scars and a black eye; Marcel said that he needed his job and returned to teach. Jefferson asked him about his wounds, but Marcel lied by saying that he was a club bouncer. Jefferson doubted Marcel's story. Meanwhile, Jennifer Pierce met with Baron to have him use his power to learn who sent edited video to the news that damaged Lightning's reputation; they traced the video to Terry Andrews.

Elsewhere, Tobias plotted to have the school demolished, but Mayor Billy Black denied the proposition.[1]


Black Lightning


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