Garfield Lynns, also known as Firefly, was a former firefighter who was presumed deceased in 2009, being thought to have died on duty. However, he survived and became obsessed with revenge, targeting and murdering members of his old team. In an attempt at killing the Fire Chief at Oliver Queen's night club, Oliver intervened as The Hood, preventing the murder. When Oliver suggested getting him help as opposed to killing him, he refused the offer and committed suicide by stepping into the nearby fire of the burning night club.


Nodell Towers incident

In 2009, Lynns was burnt severely after the fire chief ordered his unit to flee the burning Nodell Towers, where he insisted on staying and saving it. He survived the collapse, was pulled out of the rubble and spent a month in a burn ward as a John Doe. When he woke up, he felt betrayed that his former teammates left him behind, which led to him becoming a vengeful recluse, eventually causing his wife and kids to leave him.[1]

Targeting his old squad

He began to target members of his old squad. While Danny de la Vega was in a burning building, Garfield sprayed gasoline over him and burned him alive. During the next fire he knocked another member of the team into the flames. The hooded vigilante showed up and the two started to fight. Garfield quickly defeated The Hood, as he managed to trip him to the floor and incapacitated him with a kick after which he escaped. He later confronted the entire team at the night club and set the place on fire. The Hood stopped him and offered to help him instead of killing him. Garfield thanked him but then committed suicide by setting himself on fire.[1]


  • Incendiary/Inflammable techniques: Lynns seemed to have a practical knowledge of incendiary techniques.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Lynns was skilled at close combat and used his fireaxe as a weapon. Despite his heavy equipment he was able to defeat a troubled Oliver and almost killed him with a firebomb. 

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Garfield Lynns, a former special effects expert, is the super villain known as Firefly, as referenced in Arrow with he and his squadron bearing firefly tattoos.



Season 1


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