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"What she lacks in vocabulary, she makes up for in personality."
Zari Tarazi on Garima[src]

Garima is a fictional character created by Mick Rory. In the original multiverse, Garima was written as part of his book titled Heatwaves: An Erotic Space Odyssey. Garima was brought to life to combat Tagumo. She is set apart by her purple skin, her strong build, and a third breast in the center of her ribcage. In the new multiverse, Garima is written as part of Mick's book titled Heatwaves.


Original multiverse

In Mick's science fiction romance novel titled Heatwaves: An Erotic Space Odyssey, Garima is the lover of the protagonist, Buck.[1]

Garima versus Tagumo

Garima and Tagumo battling.

Garima was brought to life when Mick Rory wrote in a magical book from Brigid. She came into existence, taking on Tagumo. The battle between the two was fairly even, before Garima struck a blow that caused Tagumo to collapse, leading to Garima striking a final blow, destroying Tagumo. After this, she went to Mick and passionately kissed him before making love with him, as he had written this as part of the plot. However, when Mick returned alone afterward, she was most likely erased from existence and returned into the book, which John Constantine stored in a chest.[2]

Garima passing by Ava and Sara on the Waverider.

After Mick stole the book from John, he used it to bring Garima back to life repeatedly, to the point where the rest of the Legends were used to seeing her on the Waverider, something Ava Sharpe was surprised to learn when she and Sara Lance ran into Garima in the ship's galley. Garima managed to learn one word from him, "beer", which she began using immediately. According to Sara and Ray Palmer, Garima made Mick happy, which was why they let him keep writing her to life. Ava didn't share the same concern to Mick's happiness, which lead her to confiscate the book and to declare it as Time Bureau property, assuring Mick that "Garima will always be right where she belongs: in [his] imagination". Talking to Sara about Ava's actions, Mick admitted that Garima helped him write. Later at dinner, Ava referred to Garima as a "three-breasted alien sex toy", which angered Mick, who retaliated by referring to Ava being a clone. The verbal argument ceased when Mick ultimately left the galley, and complained about Sara getting to have a fake girlfriend while he doesn't.[3]

Garima as "Garima"

Garima thrusting her sword into Charlie.

Aberrant timeline: In an alternate timeline where Sara Lance was struck down by the unicorn in Woodstock 1969, Garima was brought to life using Brigid's diary and became a member of the Custodians of the Chronology. The Custodians came across a baby gryphon, which Garima killed and was roasted, afterwards, to which Ray Palmer called dibs on killing the shape-shifter. The following week, Charlie, disguised as their dead captain Sara Lance, was found out for her facade, and was killed by Garima. Ray complained once more, creating an argument between the team. Charlie saw an opportunity and made her escape to the jumpship. The team tried to chase after her, but were too slow. This event was erased when Charlie killed the unicorn.[4]

New multiverse

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  • Master swordswoman: Garima was written by Mick Rory as a skilled swordswoman, able to use her skills to kill Tagumo.[2]


  • Sword: Garima wields a sword as her main weapon which she always keeps and sheathes by her left hip.[2]


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