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For the hellhound known as Gary Jr., see Marchosias.

"The moron is speaking to the rabbit."

Gary Jr. II is a rabbit that Gary Green brought from a mysterious carnie, who warned him not to feed him after midnight.


The rabbit was owned by a carnival worker when Gary Green got him; the carnie warned Gary not to feed the animal after midnight. Gary named the rabbit, Gary Jr. II, and introduced him to the Legends aboard the Waverider after his previous "support animal" Gary Jr. was sent back to Hell.[1]

Days later, Gary Jr. II was being fed when Gary talked to the rabbit about Gideon being in distress. It was carried by his owner when Gary attempted to fix the A.I.; Gary Jr. II was present when Gary was severely electrocuted. As the rabbit continued to eat its carrots, Gary had hallucinations, believing that Gideon had taken human form and was talking to him. As the rabbit ran past Atropos, distracting her, Gary believed that Gideon was distracting the Fate. Ultimately, Gary's theft of the Loom of Fate was discovered by Astra Logue because Gary Jr. II left bits of carrot on the floor. When Gary was confronted by the Fates, the facade ended and the rabbit hopped away.[2]


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