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"It won't be quick. Could take days of sheer agony before you die. And there's no going back. Do you understand?"
"There's no better way to go out. A mage. Like John Constantine."
John Constantine and Gary Lester[src]

Gary "Gaz" Lester (died 2014) was a former member of the Newcastle Crew and a friend of John Constantine.


Newcastle Crew[]

Gary was present at Newcastle, where John Constantine attempted to exorcise Astra Logue, only for her to be dragged to Hell by the demon Nergal. He hid under a bed, having been smoking the whole day leading to him being utterly high.[1]

Dealing with Mnemoth[]

Following Newcastle, Gary became a full-blown heroin addict to try to forget. He eventually found his way to Khartoum, Sudan, where he came across a man who had had a demon trapped within him via containment markings on his face. Gary, hoping to atone for Newcastle, tied the man down, exorcising him. He then trapped the demon in a bottle. Following that, he left Sudan for Atlanta, United States. He was stopped by American customs, where a man interrogated him about the bottle. The man accidentally dropped the bottle, causing it to possess him.[1]

Gary quickly made his way to Jasper Winters' millhouse, where he got himself caught in a zero gravity trap looking for John Constantine. He explained what had happened, allowing Constantine to prepare a new bottle for the demon. Gary offered his help, but Constantine laughed it off, leaving to find the demon. After he left, Zed inquired about "Newcastle", unaware of what had happened. Gary explained in brief detail, but was overcome with withdrawal. Constantine later returned, having temporarily trapped the demon, before leaving again to see a shaman. In the meanwhile, Gary became unsettled, suggesting that he could beat the demon again. Although she would not let him leave, he grabbed her, forcing Zed to psychically feel all of his highs and lows all at once, allowing him to leave to find the demon.

However, he instead went to find some heroin, causing him to be beat up. John intervened, saving him and taking him to a bar. Gary confessed that he had been high the whole time during Newcastle, hiding during the seance. In reply, Constantine admitted that he had never blamed him for anything. They headed to a museum to get a Kusa knife in order to trap the demon, now identified as Mnemoth. Gary snuck inside, stealing the Kusa and exiting with John. They went to the Fox Theatre, where they found the demon possessing a man.

Constantine noted that the demon could only truly be trapped in a human body, Gary realizing that he was going to be the elected human all along. He accepted his fate, seeing it as a chance to finally redeem himself. Constantine began the incantation, causing Mnemoth to be exorcised out of the man and go in to Gary. Using the Kusa, he scarified Gary with the containment markings. Following that, he took him back to the millhouse, where he suffered immense agony, before finally being visited by an angel, Manny.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Magic: Gary Lester was able to perform some magical feats.


  • Lock picking: Lester possessed at least rudimentary skills in lock picking, as he had shown picking a lock with a paper clip to stole Kusa from Fernbank Museum of Natural History.


  • Bottle: Lester used some sort of ancient ritualistic bottle to trap Mnemoth.
  • Kusa: Lester had stolen a ritualistic scarification knife from the museum.
  • Paper clip: Lester used some paper clip for lock picking.



DC's Legends of Tomorrow[]

Season 5[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Gary "Gaz" Lester is a heroin addict who was once the oldest friend of British occultist John Constantine. He was a founding member of the Newcastle Crew and Constantine's band Mucous Membrane. The hunger demon Mnemoth drove him insane and eventually killed him. As a spirit, Gary would both haunt and advise John in his later years.
  • Philip Dido was a stunt double for Jonjo O'Neill in the role of Gary Lester.