Sir Gawain was a knight who fought in the Crusades.


At some point during his lifetime, Gawain fought in the Crusades, during which he obtained a vial containing the blood of Jesus Christ. He carried Christ's blood with him throughout the rest of his life, and upon his death he was buried inside a wall in the Church of Amiens with a shield containing a map of the vial's location.[1]


Sometime during or prior to 1916, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a paper titled The Burden of the Purest Heart: Sir Gawain's Secret Treasure, in which he theorized Gawain's final resting place in Northern France. During 1916, Tolkien aided the Legends in finding Gawain's remains, and in turn the vial containing Christ's blood. The vial was destroyed during a battle with the Legion of Doom.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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Behind the scenes

  • While the literary character of Sir Gawain is generally associated with King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, this version of Gawain cannot have coexisted with Arthur in-universe, as the Crusades took place approximately 500–700 years after Stargirl created Camelot.


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