"Whoa! What? Really? What did those geese ever do to you! That was out of the line!"
John Trujillo persuading Ray Terrill to apologize to geese.[src]

Geese are a type of birds, evident on Earth-1.


Geese fly by the Ray

Geese puzzled by the fact that Ray Terrill can fly as well as they can.

As Ray Terrill was experimenting with his newfound meta-human powers aided by John Trujillo, he shot the light rays out of his hands, almost managing to hit the flock of geese flying by and scaring some of them. John then told Ray that that might be out of the line, after which Ray apologized to geese, shouting "Sorry!" in the sky.[1]

Later as Ray was testing his flying abilities he was flying near the same flock of geese and apologized again.[1]

Powers and abilities

  • Flight: Geese are able to flight.[1]


Freedom Fighters: The Ray

Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the real world Geese are waterfowl birds of the family Anatidae.
  • While it is not confirmed on Earth-1, in real life geese are actually related to Dinosaurs.
  • Geese appear in the DC comics from time to time such as in Zatanna #16.


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