Gene Huskk (died January 2020) was a man working for McCulloch Technologies in their R&D department.


Early life

Gene Huskk was, at some point, hired by McCulloch Technologies and had been working in their classified R&D department for over 20 years. After a man called "Malcolm Strombard" was promoted into his group, Gene became suspicious and found Strombard with an infrared photon rifle that had been under development. The next day, Gene discovered that both Strombard and the rifle had disappeared, prompting him to look into the mystery and then learning that "Malcolm Strombard" didn't officially exist. Despite questioning McCulloch Technologies over this, Gene was subsequently fired.[1]

Helping Iris West-Allen

After being fired, Gene Huskk sought out the Central City Citizen Media, willing to be Iris West-Allen's source during her investigation on the Black Hole organization. However, he refused to speak on-record due to McCulloch Technologies knowing his voice and adamantly decided to remain anonymous. Despite this, McCulloch Technologies' C.E.O., Joseph Carver figured out that Gene Huskk was Iris' source and, during another meeting with him, Gene was murdered by Doctor Light, who had been sent to assassinate Iris.[1]


The Flash

Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Dr. Huskk is one of the scientists working for Black Hole.


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