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For the eponymous event, see Genesis (event).
"God wanted to give the world a do-over, so he destroyed it."
"He destroyed it with a flood. Rubicon is Darhk's flood."
"So nuclear annihilation is Darhk's flood. What's he planning on building as his ark?
John Diggle, Oliver Queen, and Felicity Smoak on Genesis

"Genesis" is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the eighty-ninth episode overall. It aired on May 4, 2016.



The scene opens with two H.I.V.E. soldiers contending about how much they ought to fear Darhk.

Darhk enters, with Andy Diggle, Merlyn, and Murmur close by. Subsequent to affirming that the remainder of H.I.V.E. kept Genesis on target without him, he slaughters the two individuals who were sitting tight for him and afterward scares the remainder of H.I.V.E., going to for all intents and purposes by videoconference.

At the sanctuary, Oliver discovers that these two operators have been slaughtered, and uncovers that he's making a beeline for Hub City to meet with a companion of Constantine's to prepare in guard against enchantment. The outing is clearly very hazardous, so he's going alone, and the remainder of the group is going to take the end of the week to rest up. Thea, specifically, will leave town with Alex.

At A.R.G.U.S., Lyla welcomes John, who has stayed with her. She's not excited about being in defensive guardianship with Sara, however Diggle repeats it's fundamental since wherever else they may go is undermined by his sibling. He takes off to get things done and get diapers.

Felicity stays with Oliver in a cellar room, where he's getting ready for his outing. He reveals to her that he doesn't have a clue where his way will lead, in light of the fact that there's no length he won't go to vindicate Laurel. Felicity has energized up the organization stream and is anticipating accompanying him.

Subsequent to pucking up his diapers, Diggle gets a book saying that facial acknowledgment programming has gotten a hit on his sibling. Rather than calling for reinforcement, he heads to an apartment building where Andy attempts to firearm him down, diverting him by conjuring Laurel, and afterward flees.

When Diggle gets nailed down close to a force plant, he calls for reinforcement from A.R.G.U.S., over complaints from Lyla.

In Hub City, Oliver heads to an underground club with Felicity, who takes up home at the blackjack table where Constantine advised Oliver to hang tight for him.

On their excursion end of the week, Thea awakens to find Alex is missing. She's concerned, yet he's simply first floor making breakfast. The two kiss.

At the gambling club, Felicity is coming out on top consistently, and advances some cash to a lady two seats down, who distinguishes herself as the lady Oliver is searching for.

Diggle discovers his sibling, however gets took out and taken prisoner by Andy and his shrouded fortifications.

Diggle awakens binded to a roof in a cellar, with Andy revealing to him that Darhk is in transit. He says he's intended to "prep" John and uncovers a variety of torment devices.

After John begins shouting at him, Andy cuts him.

Esrin Fortuna, at the club, uncovers that she's an undying shaman. She brings Oliver through an entryway, and they show up in an enormous chamber where there's heaps of candles and a symbol like Darhk's.

Fortuna uncovers that there is a path for Oliver to channel the intensity of light and expectation so as to repulse Darhk's passing filled enchantment. Oliver says he's there to discover that, yet Fortuna says that if the dimness inside him overwhelms the light, he'll fuel Darhk's enchantment as opposed to repulsing it.

On their excursion, Thea can't get a phone signal. Alex is satisfied that they're separated, however Thea can't shake the inclination that where they are is excessively great. She hears a sound, and gets stressed, befuddling Alex. She says she feels like the nature sounds around them are on a circle, however Alex is attempting to talk her down, and persuade her to simply be upbeat. He kisses her.

Somewhere else, two Ghosts tread on Diggle down from his good humor, however he figures out how to utilize one of the cutting edges from the torment table to execute them and afterward bind his sibling to an entryway. He takes Andy's firearm and holds it on him, yet doesn't pull the trigger, saying that he's as yet human.

In the underground chamber, Fortuna is intending to hit Oliver with a low portion of Darhk's capacity. Oliver thinks about whether he needs a symbol or icon or something, yet she discloses to him that the tattoo Constantine gave him will do the trick. She hits him with a low portion of intensity and he's ready to repulse it by concentrating on the light inside himself, yet when she hits him with a higher portion, he goes inside his brain and sees himself battling a League of Assassins part, at that point Deathstroke, at that point Darhk. He streaks through all the horrible things that have transpired since the island, and when he comes out of the daze he's thumped over. Fortuna says he has an excess of haziness inside him to succeed, and she asks what she might instruct Oliver that would change what he saw. She says there's nothing she can accomplish for him.

Thea understands that she doesn't have the foggiest idea where Alex said they were going for get-away. She goes all Truman Show on him, uncovering that she knows the example of the clamors outside. When Alex takes out certain "nutrients," she remembers them as the medications Merlyn used to keep her self-satisfied, frenzies, and leaves.

At the holding zone where Lyla is remaining with Sara, she shouts at Diggle when he returns. She cautions him that he's not acting like the man she wedded, yet the man she separated. She advises him to carry Andy to equity the correct way, and Diggle says he will.

At the club, Oliver says Fortuna is correct: the issue is with him, not with the enchantment. He understands that he's continually going to return to the individual he became on the island, much the same as Felicity said when she dumped him. Felicity discloses to him he's off-base and that she wasn't right when she said that, that everybody can change.

Back in the cellar where Andy is tied up, Darhk shows up and opens him, uncovering this was the arrangement from the beginning and they're following Diggle.

In the tractor trailer where Lyla is being held, Diggle understands there's something incorrectly only minutes before Andy and a H.I.V.E. truck dispatches a rocket at them.

The rocket doesn't stop the truck, however Andy keeps on terminating endlessly at the vehicle, flanked by apparitions, while Lyla calls for reinforcement.

Diggle can't get hold of Team Arrow and H.I.V.E. has assaulted A.R.G.U.S. central command and has them drawn in there, however the truck thunders to a stop when Darhk remains before them in the road. Lyla is persuaded that she's his objective, not Diggle, and that he needs to take the infant and run.

Diggle does as such, detaching on a bike and drawing endlessly the Ghosts, while Darhk himself remains behind. Lyla executes all the Ghosts left with him, however Darhk kidnaps her.

He sets out toward the child's playpen and goes to get Sara, yet she's as of now gone with Diggle and all Darhk uncovers is a reserve of weapons.

In the lanes of the city, Ghosts on bikes and a protected truck pursue Diggle, yet are taken out when Felicity appears in the van, saying that Oliver is managing Lyla and Darhk. The sole outstanding Ghost is Andy, and Diggle takes a cruiser to follow him.

On the truck, Darhk is going to murder Lyla until Oliver shows up to bring him down. Darhk dismisses him with enchantment, yet Oliver doesn't take long to get up.

Diggle discovers Andy, pounding him and holding a weapon on him, at that point holding off on executing him.

On the truck, Darhk nearly has Oliver beat when Oliver figures out how to repulse his enchantment. Them two tumble to the ground, and Darhk escapes before Ollie can get up.

Somewhere else, Andy reveals to Diggle that whatever occurs, he'll continue escaping prison and will threaten Diggle's family until the end of time. At last, after enough prodding, Diggle shoots Andy.

Shutting Andy's eyes, Diggle is loaded up with lament when Oliver shows up, disclosing to him that Lyla is fine however oblivious.

Diggle discloses to Oliver that he did what he needed to do to protect Lyla and Sara.

At the sanctuary, Oliver is agonizing when Felicity comes in. He's stressed over Thea. He enlightens Felicity regarding repulsing Darhk, saying he had the option to do it since he heard Felicity's voice in his mind helping him to remember all the beneficial things he has throughout everyday life, and that he heard the remainder of group Arrow, including Laurel, instructing him to have expectation and continue battling.

When Lyla awakens, Diggle reveals to her that Sara is fine, yet that he needed to slaughter Andy. He reveals to her that Andy went after his firearm, so that the doesn't need to disclose to her it was her and Sara that spurred him to execute.

Lyla alarms, uncovering a scar on her arm; she had been putting away the Rubicon program in a drive under her skin, which Darhk had detached.

She discloses to them that it's a ballistic dispatch supersede convention intended to keep any nation from propelling an atomic assault. Darhk, then, needs to utilize it to dispatch rockets. Rubicon, they understand, is Darhk's adaptation of the Biblical flood. Felicity considers what Darhk is anticipating utilizing as his ark — the appropriate response, obviously, is the unpleasant Stepford town where Alex and Thea are. She understands that she's caught when she sees a few Ghosts, attempts to run from them, and bobs off an imperceptible divider.


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Preparation ran from February 25 until March 4, 2016. Shooting ran from March 7 until March 16, 2016.[1]


  • To promote the episode, a short comic was released.
  • This is the only episode of season 4 that has no flashbacks at all, unlike the past three seasons which all have an episode focusing primarily on flashbacks.
  • After Felicity runs a Ghost over with a van to save Diggle and Sara, she states, "It's been a while since I've done that." This is a reference to the Season 2 episode "Streets of Fire", where Felicity rammed into Isabel Rochev with a van to rescue Diggle​​.
  • When Diggle warns Team Arrow that "Genesis is coming", Felicity quips, "I doubt it. Phil Collins said they'd never tour again." This is a reference to the English rock band Genesis, of which Phil Collins was a drummer and singer.
  • The title refers to the project which is the endgame of H.I.V.E. and Damien Darhk.



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