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For the second Detonator, see Miguel Robles.

George Adler, Sr. (died 2013) was a former soldier in the United States Army, turned contractor and later terrorist bomber under the alias of the Detonator.


George Adler, Sr. was born in Virginia but grew up in Gotham City and had a son. He served in the United States Army until he was dishonorably discharged, thus becoming a black ops contractor. The experience however somewhat broke him, causing Adler to start targeting various public figures deemed as heroes with bombing attacks in order to prove they weren't that heroic by placing them in front of them a choice to either save their own life or that of some strangers. Both Batman and the GCPD investigated him, but didn't find out his identity and ultimately, he was never caught due to passing away in 2013. Seven years after his death, his son confessed everything to Kate Kane.[1]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Detonator is a master assassin and explosives expert who was part of the Seven Men of Death, a faction of the League of Assassins.