George "Georgie" Lockwood is the estranged son of Ben Lockwood and the late Lydia Lockwood, and the grandson of the late Peter Lockwood.


Following his father's footsteps

George and the rest of his family all suffered in some way or another through alien incidents. George's father led the Children of Liberty and was arrested for multiple criminal acts against aliens. While his father was in prison, George joined the Children of Liberty and continued his work until Ben was released and made United States Secretary of Alien Affairs.

After Ben began his new job, George followed his father to Washington, D.C., where Ben gave him a tour of the place and even took him along when he went to see Senator Granberry about the Alien Amnesty Act. When the two returned to National City, after seeing the Children of Liberty take an alien mother from her home and kids, George lost the taste for the work they were doing. When he asked his father about it, Ben assured him of the importance of their work and asked his first in command in the Children of Liberty to take George along on their raids.


George left the Children of Liberty after he found out, during one of the raids, that one of his friends was an alien. Shortly after, an alien murdered his mother Lydia, in retaliation for Ben, as he had falsely imprisoned her husband. During the funeral, as George was giving his mother's eulogy, Ben left him to get the alien who killed Lydia, in an act of vengeance. When George confronted his father, Ben said he had no choice. Discovering that hate has consumed his father displeased and disillusioned George; with that, George decided not to have anything to do with his father anymore.

Peace activist

Shortly after, George's father, Ben was imprisoned when his connection to Lex Luthor's plans with the corrupt president Phil Baker, as well as his acts of domestic terrorism, were revealed. Much to his father's chagrin and disappointment, George gave a speech to the press. CatCo reporter, Nia Nal, asked him some questions, he assured her and the world that he will do all he can to turn back hatred, and help prevent it from tearing apart families like it did with his, as well as bring back honor to his family. Supergirl was present at George's press conference, smiling for George out of pride.


Initially, George had an anti-view on all aliens in general (this was due to his grandfather, Peter Lockwood having a bad influence on him) however, after George discovered that one of his friends is an alien, he becomes disillusioned and disgusted with the Children of Liberty's crusade, and his parents, Ben and Lydia Lockwood's propaganda towards aliens respectively. He has also grown resentful towards his father for focusing more on his obsession with aliens than his own son, and for using his mother and grandfather's deaths as an excuse for his vengeance.



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